Why Demetrius Andrade isn't deserving a title shot against Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin

Blake Chavez gives his take on why Demetrius Andrade hasn’t earned a shot at Canelo or GGG


There has been so much ruckus made about the middleweight division and who deserves what and why. Canelo. GGG. Andrade. Let me straighten out the jumbled thoughts and shine a light on the propaganda campaign of Andrade that is at cross-purposes with what’s really going on.


First things first, here’s a little bit of perspective and housekeeping.


Canelo is the division shot-caller. Why? Because he is boxing’s shot caller, never mind just his own division’s shot-caller. Facts. He make-a-dinero for everybody that’s anybody in da game that is fortunate enough to be doing business with him on any card he participates in. He puts azzes in the seats, filling our most coveted and venerated venues. He drives event TV subscriptions, which has become a major broadcasting component for boxing. DAZN and ESPN+ are not charitable organizations. It’s pay to view Mr. Alvarez.


And I have zero problem with the WBC basically naming him ’Champion for Life’. Why? Because that’s exactly the same thing the sanctioning bodies did for "Money" Mayweather, without publicizing it and formally anointing him. Floyd called the shots All of them. Who he fought. At what weight he fought. When he fought who. Where he fought. He dictated his purses and financial participation in all ancillary rights including concession sales. (buy a hot dog or a beer... Floyd gets paid) Floyd controlled which testing-- if any-- applied as well as basically being The Boss of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


For the most part he held tremendous sway over who the commission appointed as the referee and the judges. Don’t choose the right ref or judges... maybe Floyd won’t fight. What!? Las Vegas’s economy was salivating for a Floyd event. No flimsy commission was gonna stand in the way of millions in revenue and taxes being generated into city, county, and state coffers.


So since I never heard any fans crying about Floyd getting preferential treatment and getting paid obscene amounts for fights that were anything but action-packed; I’ll be sheep-dipped if I’m going to accept crocodile tears being shed and any form of blowback directed at Mr. Alvarez. Canelo fights. And he takes on all-comers. It’s just that now, with his fantastic resume, and potent appeal... you need to get in line to face him. Build a resume that demands you get a shot. Otherwise, take my advice: Quit begging; it makes people hate you!


And don’ t get it twisted; when Dana White and his backers buy out the PBC, don’t be surprised to see them roll out a subscription-based format too. Why? Because boxing’s fans love da game and will pay for it. They will grouse on forums and talk mad-shznit... but they will pay. They always do. But Dana White taking over boxing is a story for another day. Let’s keep it 100 AND focus on Andrade. Does he deserve a shot at Canelo or GGG?


Triple G. He’s an old bastard. Yes, bastard. The way he discarded Abel Sanchez was straight dirty. The lil boy smile and parroted mantra of "Big Drama Show" was all contrived. GGG did school Canelo in the first fight. No question. But in the second fight he took an azz-whoopin’. Why? Just look at his face after the fight. Gnarly purple knots and welts all over his noggin. He couldn’t put sunglasses on fast enough after that beating. Canelo controlled the tempo, pace, and his opponent. Most importantly, Canelo fought going forward. Put quite simply, Canelo was The Boss in there. So where does that leave GGG? DAZN signed him to a $100 million-dollar contract. Canelo got a $300+ million-dollar contract. So... hell yeah there is going to be a third fight, and any fight either engages in before that third fight sure as hell won’t be against Andrade. You can bet your Mamie’s house on that.


Buboy has a better chance of landing a fight with either Canelo or GGG than Andrade does.


Once the Canelo-GGG trilogy fight is announced I’ll preview that fight in another article, but for now, know that GGG aint what he used to be. He’s this close to french-kissing age forty. Neither Canelo nor GGG relish chasing a running-like-hell Boo-Boo all night. Nuff said.


Andrade? Give me a break. Speaking of breaks, I’ll bet twelve dollars his momma has to make the breakfast omelets in his house because Demetrius sure as shznit can’t break an egg! Andrade has been invisible for a decade. A decade. He impressed a lot of folks during his amateur career.


But that’s exactly what his style was built for: the amateurs. Hit a little bit, then run like hell. Duck like there’s no tomorrow, and let the fans oooh & ahhh at how ’elusive’ you are. Lol. That elusiveness came in quite handy in the pros as he eluded any meaningful opponents for just about his entire career. And when he did take a chance he fought a statue named Vanes Martyrosian. What happened? He got mugged, but since Vanes was an Armenian with zero fan-base and a career going nowhere, Andrade caught a SD. A SD with Vanes?! Quit it. That’s just plain silly.


The hub-bub about Andrade being deserving of a Canelo or GGG shot mainly emanates from Eddie Hearn, who is just doing his job. He promotes Andrade, and I feel sorry for him because of that; talk about a crappy and thankless job. So Andrade dominates Maciej Sulecki. Excuse me while I vomit. Sulecki is a shot fighter with zero coordination left in his shell. That’s not me being salty. Try the eyeball test, which is the most reliable factor in judging the state and status of a pro boxer. Sulecki hurts the eyes folks and flunks that test with flying colors.


It could be argued, "But he did OK with Daniel Jacobs". Jacobs didn’t take that guy seriously. How is Suleckie going to motivate Jacobs? He was no real threat. Look closely at the fight and it was an under-trained Jacobs puttering around with a guy with sparring partner skills who was trying his azz off to impress so that maybe he can get work in Jacob’s next camps. When push came to shove, Jacobs accelerated his work load and the class disparity showed big-time.


Nobody in boxing thought Sulecki was now the next big thing based on going the distance with a disinterested Jacobs. In fact, he was trending downward, if anything.


We know that because in his next fight he got knocked down not only once, but twice by the immortal Gabe "Eleven-Loss" Rosado. Rosado had not won in nine of his last twelve! I heard Jimmy Montoya picked Rosado up after the fight in his infamous meat-wagon. Ok, so Team Andrade smelled a fresh cadaver in Sulecki. The very same Sulecki who Hugo Senteno Jr. took the distance. C’mon. Anyone named Hugo in this day and age is not a serious person. Lol. (Apologies to Hugo Ruiz) Before Hugo, Sulecki faced Hamilcaro, a Frenchy with ten losses who had gotten assaulted by Josh Kelly and KO’d in 4. And that was in Josh’s 4th fight!


Here’s a sampling of the robust world-beaters Andrade has so boldly took on lately: Brian Rose. The Brian Rose, a 35-year-old white guy who was slower than Suge Knight, and only had eight KO’s in almost forty fights! Yeah, very dangerous that guy. Next, Andrade tried on the murderous Jack Culkay, yet another slow white guy fast-approaching age 34. Andrade won another SD. Next came Alantez Fox. After the foregone conclusion of an Andrade win, Fox immediately went down to his correct level, fighting an eight rounder. Andrade next dredged up one Walter Koutondokwa, age 34.


Nobody knows this guy from the African circuit. He could be from a Namibian village or Wakanda. Which next brings us to Billi Godsy, who himself also lost to the African nobody Koutondokwa. He too settled comfortably back into eight rounders after the Andrade fiasco. Godsy was one of those mystical Argentines that filters into the states from club level circuits that boxing fans seem to repeatedly swallow as legitimate opponents for top contenders. Garbage-skill level tough guys brought to slaughter. Andrade the cannibal then feasted on the hapless Arthur Akavov, an ancient Russian from the Kremlin circuit.


USA fighters are the best in the world, followed by Mexico-bred fighters. There is a big drop-off to the next tier, which is Russian, or Iron Curtain Country fighters, and England which has a wealth of fighters who generally are perennial bridesmaids, just not quite as good as one might expect in light of their robust promotional outfits and rabid fan base.


And preceding Sulecki, was the dreaded Artur Akavov, he being 33 years of age and also being a slow white guy. Avavov secured only 8 KO’s in a 23 fight career. It appears he’s now under suspension by the NY commission. Probably a good thing for his health. I note that Billy Joe Saunders also feasted on the dreaded Avavov.


So does Andrade’s resume look worthy of a social media campaign demanding he get his mega-payday against either Canelo or GGG?


Hell to the N.O.!


Andrade needs to fight either or both of the Charlo twins. Or try out Deveryanchenko or Jacobs. For that matter, challenge Julian Williams. Yeah. Try J Rock or even Jarrett Hurd. Then talk to me about Canelo or GGG.



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