Maxboxing upset of the year: Tyson Fury W12 Wladimir Klitschko

By John J. Raspanti

There was no way Wladimir Klitschko was expected to lose his heavyweight championship to the ungainly Tyson Fury. The man hasn’t lost a fight in nine years. He’s a giant (6’6”) who uses his size to push, hold, and punch. In his previous 18 title defenses, no one has came close to defeating him.
Enter amateur singer and Batman impersonator Tyson Fury. The 27-year-old Brit was a 5-1 underdog on fight night. He’s a big guy too, allegedly three inches taller than Klitschko. Fury had been knocked on his back by Steve Cunningham a few years ago. The thinking was that as soon Klitschko tapped Fury’s chin, the giant would crumble.
Klitschko had no answers. Fury didn’t do much offensively in the opening rounds, but his movement kept Klitschko confused and off-balance. In Rounds two and three, he connected with a few long lefts--while Klitschko watched.
Whatever Fury lacks in talent--he makes up for in confidence. And he can box. He’s a better fighter than he was a few years ago. As the fight progressed his boldness grew-while Klitschko remained overly cautious.
Klitschko finally connected with a right hook in Round five. Fury smiled and asked for more. Fury’s use of the ring and feints was still creating doubt in Klitschko’s mind. The former champion was like a car that wouldn’t start. Fury connected with a few punches to the ribs.
Klitschko, 39, didn’t even attempt to throw a counter.
Fury put his hands behind his back and mocked Klitschko in Round six. He continued to catch Klitschko with annoying punches. Klitschko did a little better in Rounds seven and eight, but he was still holding on the inside instead of punching. Old habits die hard. With three rounds to go, Klitschko’s trainer, Jonathon Banks, urged him to throw more punches.
Fury outboxed him in Round 12--though Klitschko finally did let fly with some punches. Fury skipped away with a smirk on his face.
Nobody was overcome with emotion when the fight ended.

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