Ask Gerry Cooney – March 22, 2016

Compiled by Allan Scotto


Hey, fans! Welcome to “Ask Gerry Cooney,” where you get to ask former heavyweight contender “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney any boxing-related question you’d like. Your questions for Gerry’s review will be featured at every week.


Each week, Gerry will answer as many of your questions as he can on the Sirius XM radio show “Friday Night at The Fights,” which Gerry co-hosts with Randy Commission.


The show airs every Friday on Sirius / XM Rush Zone Channel 93 from 6-8 p.m.

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Our first question comes from George B. who asks:


Hi Gerry, it seems to me that the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley is attracting interest more because of the trainers involved, Freddie Roach and Teddy Atlas. Roach has referred to Atlas as “that ESPN announcer” and seems a little stung by Atlas’ on air criticisms of him over the years. Atlas has stated, “I was just doing my job.” Do you think there is some underlying animosity between these two?

Our next question comes from Henry T. who asks:


Gerry, for me, there is no way I can keep up with the number of champions boxing has. I mean, so many weight divisions, so many sanctioning bodies and so many different names for what I think should be one title, period. Do you think boxing will ever get to where there is one champion per weight class?



And Gerry answered the following questions on last week’s show.


Our first question came from Sean F. who asked:


Hi Gerry, this week marks the 45th anniversary of “The Fight of the Century” between Mohammed Ali and “Smokin’” Joe Frazier! I’m curious to know what your recollections are of this fight and did it in any way influence you to go into boxing?

Gerry explained that watching the fight between these two icons definitely influenced his decision to become a boxer.

Our next question came from Ricky T. who asked:


Gerry, Mike Tyson is quoted as saying, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face!” I’m wondering; is that true when a fighter spends months training to fight someone? Does the plan go out the window once the punches start flying?

Gerry did not agree with this statement, pointing out that fighters try to train for every possibility when facing an opponent and although a good shot can sometimes rattle a fighter, Gerry feels that a fighter who is properly prepared will get right back to his fight plan.


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