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By Anthony "Zute" George


It has been a little over a week since Thomas Mattice was given a gift in his fight against Zhora Hamazaryan. The nice way of saying Zhora was robbed. Here we go again with boxing.


Indeed, Team Hamazaryan is going to file an appeal and the usual suspects flocked to Twitter to express outrage. But I ask, what is really going to happen? My guess is zilch, nada, zero; believe me.


Why do I say such things? A black cloud in the very first paragraph you ask? One word. Reality. The reality in boxing is that for every awful decision, you have at least ten know it all’s- and we have plenty of those in boxing- crow that they have seen much worse. Then there are some who defend the robbery. Even if they agree that it is a bad decision they still say it was not a robbery.


I love that one.


Although with this fight the sentiment seems to be the same across the board. Disgusting decision. With that sit, robberies have been normalized in boxing to the point we have itemized bad decisions and robberies. All that does is make it so murky, the consequences are minimal at best.

A decision that tainted an otherwise very entertaining ShoBox. Young fighters were matched up tough, you know the way they only did in the good ol’ days, and all of the fighters gave it their best.


But such is boxing.


Speaking of ShoBox, the draw between Montana Love and Kenneth Sims Jr. brought up another pet peeve of mine, from the sport I love so much. Why in the world are all boxing matches set for even rounds? Four rounds, six rounds, eight rounds, ten rounds, 12 rounds. Why?????


Do I really need to get into why this is a bad idea? Say what you want about MMA, but they have this correct, as their fights are either three or five rounds. If there is some foolish superstition attached to the reason, can we at least have a tiebreaker round implement in these fights? At least the championship fights?


Speaking of foolish, it is bad enough that American television dropped the ball by not airing the very successful, as well as entertaining, cruiserweight tournament, it appears as if we are going to be blacked out of the very much anticipated Dillian Whyte vs. Joseph Parker fight. Indeed, this is a big matchup. As far as I can tell it is a nice, even fight.


The winner should secure a title shot against one of the champions. Yet, Americans have to jump through hoops to have to watch it. Sigh.


Speaking of much anticipated, are you feeling GGG vs. Canelo 2 fever yet? I am not. As much as I try, I cannot get excited about this rematch. And, unless the fight produces fireworks, I probably will not. Indeed, I will watch, it is what I do. However, I am having a hard time getting eager about a fight that had, in my mind, a decisive winner the first time around, and, was not all that exciting. It was just okay for me.


In the wonderful lure of middleweight championship fights, GGG vs. Canelo did not even begin to scratch the surface of memorable fights. I am looking forward to the Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter fight.


Speaking of Garcia vs. Porter, I am already calling dibs on a draw. I really do not have any real rooting interest in this fight, I respect both fighters and think it is as even as a fight can be. With that said, I hope whoever wins the fight does so via stoppage. Because the scorecards on this puppy promise to be polarizing. More to come about this fight in an isolated article.


Speaking of isolated, where in the world is Deontay Wilder? He spent so much time trying to get the Anthony Joshua fight, we all know how that went, but now where is he? The haters are always going to hate. But Wilder gained a lot of momentum in the non-hater community with his knockout of Louis Ortiz.


He can lose that momentum by staying inactive. Rumors are swirling that number two-ranked WBC contender Dominic Breazeale is the front runner. After the Joshua-Parker fight, yours truly predicted that Joshua would fight Povetkin next and Wilder would defend his title against DB. It appears that I am very close to nailing that one right on the head.

Speaking of predictions, here is another one.


If indeed Wilder fights Breazeal next, Dominic will transform from the guy Wilder haters used as evidence that Joshua has fought stiffer opposition (very tough guy), to being just another bum on Deontay’s record. I guarantee it. Believe me.


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