Why Tyson Fury will spank Deontay Wlder

By Blake Chavez


Tyson Fury tames Deontay Wilder easily.


Why? To start with, Wilder recently went life and death with a hundred- year-old Cuban name Luis "King Kong" Ortiz. By round five, Ortiz was wheezing like an old Dodge diesel with 700,000 miles on it. But Wilder himself was breathing like a rusted ’69 Buick with a blown head gasket.


Ortiz had reason to be a bit winded; he’s a century old and he was throwing southpaw haymakers for all he was worth. Wilder was being walked down by Old Father Time himself and Deontay looked worried as hell.


Wilder’s vaunted right hand wasn’t doing anything to Ortiz besides pissing him off. Eventually, Ortiz caught the scrambling Wilder with a shot that wrinkled the "Champ". Deontay was shitting gold, jagged, oblong bricks whilst waltzing down Queer St. with King Kong on his azz. The man was plain hurt and buzzing hard. But Ortiz, his gut too big for his own good, gassed out from the excitement and efforts of the chase.


Wilder now had just to fire away at a sitting duck, one old fighter unloading on a spent ancient fighter. Just like at the flicks, King Kong plunged to defeat. Wilder celebrated like he had liberated France. The boxing world said, "Ok--what the hell’, and joined the party, gushing excitedly about ’the raw power’ and ’charisma’ of Wilder.


The truth is there was drama. The drama was Wilder was seconds from getting KTFO. That he survived, caught a second wind and KO’d Moses was not very remarkable from a clear-headed, independent and objective perspective.


I’m a professional writer. I pay no mind to the broadcast team of SHOWTIME, ESPN, or any other entity. I know what my eyes see. Cheerleaders are paid to cheer for their team. I get that. But I also call ’em as I see ’em and Wilder being a monster talent is not what I saw. I saw a guy who spent about three years bullshitting with the Chris Arreola’s and the Bermane Stivernes of the world.


Arreola was one step removed from pure boxing vomit. Wilder feasted on that Fat Boy. Then he twice roasted  Stiverne.


Bermane Stiverne had a crazily suspect career that "earned’ him two shots at the WBC vacant title and then two more shots at the title holder, Wilder. How his team connived their way to repeatedly put him in position for a title would be funny if it wasn’t so sickening. So, no. I’m not impressed by Deontay Wilder.


I believe Fury will coast right through Wilder. The keys?  Fury is not the least bit scared of Wilder and as such, he won’t panic. The ability to relax in the ring is a gift. Oscar De La Hoya could never fight relaxed. Neither can Wilder. That’s why they are known for gassing out. Roberto Duran was the epitome of a relaxed fighter. That’s how, in his late 30’s he could go damned-near even up with Hagler and managed to destroy the much, much bigger Iran Barkley.


Fury faced down the intimidating Dr. Steelhammer himself, Vlad Klitschko, and didn’t panic. He wasn’t scared, and kept his wits about him whilst remaining relaxed and issuing a boxing lesson to the dangerous and heavy-handed giant. Luis ’King Kong" Ortiz is a dinosaur, and he got Wilder to panic. His size and mass squeezed fear out of Wilder, and Ortiz is nowhere near the size of Fury. Wilder has spent a career beating down shorter men. So had Fury. But Fury didn’t miss a beat when facing the behemoth that Vlad was.


So no chance he backs down from Wilder. But I believe Wilder will be bewildered and flummoxed by the massive Fury. He’ll doubt himself, and Fury will gain confidence as he banks the rounds. From there it’s all about ducking, slipping, or catching the wild and looping Wilder right hand.

All Fury has to do is avoid Wilder’s only real weapon, That Right Hand. It is a hard right hand. Very hard. But if you spend your life in the gym and have a few weapons of your own, it’s not that uncommon for boxers to avoid that singular punch.


Especially since Wilder loops the punch. I’m not surprised his past opponents got caught as they were all B & C-level fighters at best. Fury has stated clearly that if he can’t avoid an amateurish looping right hand such as Wilder possesses, then he deserves to hit by it and KO’d.


So Fury knows exactly what he’s up against and exactly what to avoid. He’s a smooth pro in the ring, especially considering his dimensions. He knows how to bank rounds without over-exerting himself. Fury also owns a massive skull. I mean, the guy has a big nugget fit for the ages. His forehead and eye-socket structure are those of a caveman. A brute. It looks like he’s wearing a helmet, and to some degree, he is. And his thick neck is a natural shock-absorber.


Now check out Wilder. He has frail and hilariously skinny neck and bird-legs. Not ideal to hold one upright in a firestorm. Then look at Wilder’s tender little nugget. His head is tiny compared to past champions in the heavyweight division.


Holyfield had a pork chop nugget. Foreman had an anchor head. Larry Holmes had a head the size of an engine block. Smokin’ Joe had a monster head only his momma could love. The Klitschko brothers boasted some big-ass Ukrainian rock heads as well. Deontay on the other hand sports a little Michael Spinks head, that dainty Mark Breland or Pernell Whitaker peanut-shaped head. That spells trouble when you have a giant lobbing bombs at an under-sized skull structure. And to top it all off, Wilder has one of those long and boney chins that seem to stick out like a target. To me, all that spells a Wilder defeat.


What’s Really Going On?


Adrien ’The Problem" Broner is finally going to get a purse commensurate with his popularity and audience drawing abilities when he faces the faded PacMan. C’mon. BuBoy Fernandez as Pac’s head trainer? Broner is a good guy, but the alcohol crushed his shot at riches.


Eddie Hearn controls Anthony Joshua, the number one heavyweight in the world. He also controls Canelo Alvarez. WTF?


Whilst most of the boxing establishment was busy dissing him and DAZN, he set the foundation of a veritable juggernaut. He will be a potent force to contend with, and he gives a fabulous interview!


Shawn Porter, is another good egg, just packaged differently than AB. So he beats Danny "Swift" Garcia? For the title?! So what? Garcia, who has never been considered to be ’swift’,  had just came off a horrible showing against the wasted mummy, "Bam-Bam" Rios in which Danny’s face got all jacked up. 


Danny Jacobs has had a nice career. Oh no, not another good guy! But he’s on the down-stroke and his skills have played out. Pick up that last check against Jermall Charlo, you may be able to edge him as the Hennessy and Remy Martin cognac embalming fluids rob him of his reflexes.


The Charlo Brothers are train-wrecks bragging about signing young boxing talent. Children of the ghetto?  If so, that’s very sad.


Nonito Donaire. How’s that for a blast from the past? Waaaaay past. Go home before you end up fighting at 108 lbs. The over-rated ’power’ is long gone, bro. Talk about milking a tit dry!


Loma. First of all, a tired Orlando Salido whipped your azz. That’s always and forever. Secondly, you went life and death with Grampa Jorge Linares whose face is one big scar tissue. He dropped you and post fight pics show your swollen nugget had ugly purple knots everywhere.


But Papa Arum runs a strong propaganda machine: witness the virtually untested Bud Crawford. Arum is so shrewd, he’s got y’all two in a dead heat for pound-for-pound king! LOL. For Bob’s next trick: he’ll get his just-above average 140 champ Jose Ramirez in the pound-for-pound Top Ten.


Watch and see. 


He has no problem squeezing the media to his whims. That’s one reason why Top Rank is always a leader in the industry and is a very profitable business venture. King Bob. Hall of Famer!


Blake "No B.S. Chavez answers all his mail.









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