Pacquiao vs. Broner: Who ya got?

Danny Garcia, Tim Bradley, Andre Ward, Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman and others chime in 

By Bill Tibbs

Pacquiao vs. Broner
Pacquiao vs. Broner

With 2019 up and running, one of the most anticipated fights of the year kicks off in the first month with world champion Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao going up against Adrien “The Problem” Broner in a battle for Pacquiao’s WBA welterweight title on January 19th in Las Vegas.


While Pacquiao looked strong in his last fight against former world champion Lucas Matthyse, a younger and stronger Adrien Broner presents a whole new challenge. A win for either fighter opens new doors for a huge fight in the 2nd half of the year while a loss is a serious career setback.


The predictions are rolling in.


Who are you going with?    


- “You never know what to expect with Broner. I make Pacquiao the favorite” - Promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports


 - “You can’t let the Matthyse fight be indicative of what Pacquiao has left because Matthyse had nothing left. I don’t know how much Pacquiao has left but you might find out in the Broner fight because Broner is talented enough and physical enough and fast enough, that if he’s right for that fight, mentally and physically, he could give Pacquiao more than he expected” - Hall of Fame announcer, and renowned trainer, Teddy Atlas.


 - “If Pacquiao beats Broner then maybe people will be saying, ‘hey, maybe we should give Pacquiao and Floyd another chance’ ” - Former WBA super middleweight, WBA/WBO light heavyweight world champion Andre Ward


 - “I think it’s an even fight. I think it’s going to come down to if Broner can keep up with Manny Pacquiao’s output. A lot of people think Manny Pacquiao could outwork him”  – Former WBA super lightweight/welterweight world champion Danny Garcia


 - “Manny wins. His offensive game is still there. He is still consistent on how much work he puts in during the rounds and winning the rounds” - WBC world welterweight champion Shawn Porter


  - “I think it will be interesting” – WBA/WBO world lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko


- “It is what it is. I don’t know. I think it’s a good fight. If Broner shows up he can give Pacquiao a good fight. Pacquiao is always electrifying”. – Former WBC super lightweight, WBO welterweight world champion Tim Bradley


- “It’s a tough fight to call; I’ll watch it though” – Hall of Fame legend “Sugar” Ray Leonard


- “I think Pacquiao takes it. It’s two different styles so you can’t really compare. But, Manny is just on another level because he does everything faster” – Former WBA super lightweight, WBO welterweight world champion Jessie Vargas


- “I think it’s a good fight. Depending on what Pacquiao does, Broner has trouble closing the gap from longer punchers. But, maybe Manny’s legs aren’t as good so maybe Broner can close that gap. If he is able to close the gap he is very good on the inside. My common sense tells me if Pacquiao has his legs then he can win but if he has old legs, and Broner can close the gap, then he makes it a tougher fight and maybe Broner wins” – Former IBF super lightweight, WBA welterweight world champion Paulie Malignaggi.


- “When Broner shows up in shape, he can win; he has talent. I think he’ll put up a very good fight against Manny, but I think that Manny wins by decision. I think the volume will be too much. If you throw a lot of punches Broner goes on the defensive. I think Manny takes it; I think it’s a good fight” -  WBC/IBF world lightweight champion Mikey Garcia


 - “AB is the classic, we know he can do it but will he do it? He’s got the skills to beat Pacquiao but will he bring it on fight night?” - Trainer Naazim Richardson


“I think Pacquiao beats him. I think points or maybe a late stoppage. I don’t see Broner being that guy he once was” – Former WBO super lightweight world champion Brandon Rios


“I’m going with Pacquiao because we have the same birthday” – Former WBO world heavyweight world champion Shannon Briggs


“It’s a good fight for Manny at this point. Broner can fight when he’s ready. Manny always does well when he moves up. Manny is too busy for Broner. I think he stops him later in the fight. Broner isn’t active enough to beat Manny. Manny throws a lot of punches and if he hurts him he closes the show” – Former WBA lightweight champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini


“I think every version of Manny Pacquiao beats Broner. He’s just too busy and the footwork and combination punching is too much. He fights a little different than he did but I just see Pacquiao outworking him and he’ll be too much”  - Former WBO super lightweight champion Chris Algieri


“I think it’s a great fight for Manny and it’s a great fight for Broner. Lots of people criticize him but I really like how he (Broner) looked in his last fight even though it was a draw. If he ever wants to put respect back on his name a win over Pacquiao will do it” – WBA welterweight champion Keith “One Time” Thurman




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