Mike Tyson delivers some knockout punchlines

By Jason Gonzalez

Undisputed Truth: Round 2
Undisputed Truth: Round 2

The champ is back.


Mike Tyson is bringing his brand of knockout punchlines to the big stage again. Tyson, who was once known as being the “baddest” man on the planet, has adopted and fully embraced his second calling of theatre and acting. Tyson plans on taking his one-man stage show on the road in the distant future, but for the time being, “The Undisputed Truth: Round 2” is playing at the Brad Garrett comedy club at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada for a limited engagement.


With the financial commercial success of “The Undisputed Truth,” it’s only fitting that there would be a sequel. Not to mention that you would need a little more than just an hour and a half to go through Tyson’s timeline, which is filled with controversy and marred by some of the most outlandish behavior ever exhibited by a celebrity at the pinnacle of his career.


Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history, is no stranger to the camera. The 51-year-old has fully transformed himself into a thespian. He takes his craft seriously. Whether there may be a Tony to go along with all of his championship belts soon isn’t certain, but best believe that he gets his point across when he is doing his job.


“Truth Round 2” is candid narrative, in which Tyson takes the audience on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. On the journey Tyson looks back at some of the most embarrassing moments personally and professionally. Tyson replays post-fight interviews from old fights, in which he has said some pretty wild stuff. Like the time that he said he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children. Or the time that he requested fellatio from any woman that was willing to sympathize with him by just simply feeling the pain that he goes through on a daily basis. And then there some stories that were just way too explicit to quote in this story. But truth be told, nothing is off limits for Tyson.

Undisputed Truth: Round 2
Undisputed Truth: Round 2

He delved into his struggles with substance abuse, (particularly cocaine) his proclivity for engaging in frequent sexual escapades with a multitude of women, that for the most part he didn’t even know. Tyson even went as far as to revealing that he beat the brakes off of a well-known boxing promoter that was not named Don King. (If you want to know who it is, go see the show.)


But as funny as Tyson is, and as natural as he is in front of the camera, make no mistake about it, he’s a no comedian. He is just keeping it super real. Tyson is just simply being himself. He just happens to be so gifted at embellishing his past mistakes that you can’t help but love him. Tyson isn’t afraid to put himself out there.


Tyson may have alluded to the fact that he wasn’t proud of his behavior in the past. He was somewhat contrite. But make no mistake; he isn’t overtly stating that he is ashamed of it either. Your life experiences mold you. It makes you who you are. If it wasn’t for Tyson’s past, he wouldn’t be the Tyson that we know today. There would be no show.


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