Joseph Parker impressive, stops Alex Leapai

More aggressive Joseph Parker stops Alex Leapai

Joseph Parker vs. Alex Leapai
Joseph Parker vs. Alex Leapai

Former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker stopped journeymen Alex Leapai in round 10 at the Dunkin Donets Center in Providence, Rhode Island Saturday night.

Time was 2:18 seconds.

In round one, Parker, 27, who said he would take more chances in the ring, jabbed and immediately opened up, tagging Leapai with shots to the body and head. Leapai fired a overhand right, but ate two crisp uppercuts. Leapai wobbled back to his corner at the bell.

Parker went back to work in round two. He bounced and touched Leapai and went to the body. One of the shots were south of the border. When the action resumed, Parker unleashed more heavy shots. A number of them landed. Leapai absorbed the blows and fired back.

In rounds three and four, Parker, who was told in his corner that Leapai was ’a tough old bastard,’ fired combinations. Leapai,39, fought back with left hooks. Parker worked Leapai over on the ropes. His uppercut couldn’t miss. Neither could his right hand. Parker (26-2, 14 KOs) was setting up his combos with a sharp jab. Two clubbing rights connected. Leapai resembled a human punching bag, taking a shot after shot, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Parker moved slightly to his left and right and popped jabs in round five. He dug to the body. Leapai, from Queensland, Australia, walked after Parker, searching to land his hook-problem was Parker was younger, faster, and better. Parker’s dominance continued in round six.

He could do whatever he wanted, but Leapai, with 25 knockouts, was still dangerous. Leapai came out punching in round seven, but Parker tattooed him with stabbing jabs, sweeping hooks, and uppercuts. A right the bell knocked Leapai back a couple of steps. Parker jabbed and fired lefts and rights in round eight. Leapai tried to time Parker but missed. The question was, how much more punishment would he take.

Parker clocked Leapai with more hard shots in round nine. He flashed his jab and whipped home hooks. Though he was being pounded on like a drum, Leapai wouldn’t quit. Parker cracked Leapai with more heavy shots in round 10. Leapai staggered back. Parker unloaded some more—until the referee Rickey Gonzalez waved the fight off.

I just want to take any fight that comes my way,” said Parker. “I want to avenge my losses.”


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