Charlie Edwards defends his title in style, wins wide decision over Angel Moreno

Charlie Edwards dominates Angel Moreno, retains WBC flyweight title

By John J. Raspanti

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edwards-1200 v 800.jpg

Charlie Edwards made the first defense of his WBC title a successful one Saturday night by boxing and punching his way to a 12-round unanimous decision over Angel Moreno at Copper Box Arena in London, England.


All three judges scored the fight 120-107.


Maxboxing also had Edwards winning every round.


Edwards (15-1, 7 KOs) started quickly in the opening rounds. He moved to his left and used his advantages in height and reach to pepper Moreno with (19-3-2, 6 KOs) sharp jabs and slashing right hands. Moreno, with his hands at his sides, pursued Edwards—letting fly with a number of wide hooks. Edwards clipped Moreno with a stinging uppercuts and nice left hand in the second stanza.


Moreno tried to get untracked in round three, but all he got for his trouble was a few lead right hands and more uppercuts. Edwards stayed on his toes and kept his left in Moreno’s face. The fighter from Spain looked confused and unsure how to deal with Edwards speed.


Edwards, 25, kept sharpshooting in round four. Moreno,35, was still trying to the turn the fight into a dogfight, but Edwards hand speed was too much. Moreno did connect with a left, but Edwards absorbed it well. Edwards stuck out his chin and clipped Moreno with a combination.


In round five, Edwards, after taking a tongue lashing from his trainer Grant Smith for showboating, went back to using the ring and working his jab. Moreno forced Edwards into the ropes and did some decent bodywork. Edwards landed a four-punch combination and skipped away.


Edwards stopped Moreno in his tracks with a solid right hand in round six. Seconds later he caught Moreno with a three-punch combo. Moreno, always coming forward, loaded up with hooks, but only caught air. Edwards continued his dominance in rounds seven and eight. He got off with hand speed and clipping shots.


Moreno chased and swung for the fences. A right hand to the belly scored. Edwards intelligent boxing had unofficially won him every round. Moreno, though, stayed aggressive. He yelled at Edwards, “Come on” but Edwards stuck to his plan and scored point, and a flash knockdown. Moreno had showed determination and toughness, but little else.


Edwards stuck out his jab and moved. The only thing he hadn’t done is hurt Moreno. Moreno pushed Edwards into the ropes and landed a solid left. Edwards fought his way off the ropes by landing inside shots. In round 10, Edwards connected with a number of sharp blows to the chin. He even switched to southpaw and smiled at Moreno. An uppercut bobbed Moreno’s head.


Moreno had tried to land something big for 10 rounds. A few hooks had connected, but nothing was bothering Edwards. The ambitious lad from Surrey kept boxing in rounds 11 and 12. He shot rights to the ribs and face. Moreno never stopped trying, but Edwards was a step faster in every conceivable way.


“He’s a tough fighter,” said Edwards. “I knew he would bring it. I’m obsessed with bettering myself. I want to build a legacy for the British boxing fans.”






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