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15 rounds with Andrew Moloney

Anthony Cocks goes "15 rounds" with champ Andrew Moloney

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Andrew Moloney
Andrew Moloney

All-action super flyweight Andrew Moloney 21-0 (14) had a stellar year in 2019, fighting three times and stopping each his opponents.


In March last year Moloney scored a highlight reel KO of Chilean contender Miguel Gonzalez in his opponent’s hometown before claiming the interim WBA 115-pound title against Elton Dharry in November. He has since been elevated to ‘regular’ champion behind WBA ‘super’ champion Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez.


Moloney rate himself as a triple threat: a boxer, barber and barista. Read on to learn what makes this pocket dynamo tick.


Round 1: What attracted you to boxing in the first place?


Moloney: My twin brother Jason and I have always been extremely competitive with each other. Santa Claus thought it would be a good idea to get us some boxing gloves for Christmas one year and a few good hit-outs in the living room is what sparked the fire.


Round 2: Toughest fight in the amateurs or pros?


Moloney: I’d probably have to say my last fight against Elton Dharry. I feel I was in control nearly all of the fight but I got caught with a shot in the fifth round that I didn’t see and was in a bit of trouble that round before I got my senses back.


Round 3: Biggest puncher you’ve faced?


Moloney: All Filipinos have great power. Raymond Tabugon may be the biggest puncher I’ve faced. He was wild and every punch he threw, he was trying to put my lights out. He put me down in round three before I managed to stop him in the next round. It was a great fight!


Round 4: What are the best and worst thing about being a boxer?


Moloney: The best thing is I am able to make a living from doing something I love. It keeps me healthy and gave me the discipline to make good decisions when growing up. The worst thing is having to spend weeks away from my wife and son.


Round 5: What is your most defining win of your career?


Moloney: Winning the WBA world title. This was a goal I was working towards for 16 years and thought about that moment every single day.


Round 6: What are your goals for the next 12 months?


Moloney: To remain undefeated and become a unified world champion!


Round 7: What are some your hobbies away from the ring?


Moloney: Away from the ring I enjoy spending time with my son, wife, family and friends. I also enjoy playing table tennis and surfing.


Round 8: Who is always ringside for you fights?


Moloney: My wife Chelsea, my family, my manager and major sponsors.


Round 9: Who has been biggest influence on your career?


Moloney: My dad and Danny Green. Danny has always been someone I have looked up to and he has helped guide mine and my brother’s careers to where we are today. I have always wanted to achieve something great and make my dad as proud as I possibly can.


Round 10: What fight have you learnt the most from?


Moloney: My last fight, I got careless and tried to force the knockout before it was ready.


Round 11: What is something our readers would be surprised to learn about you?


Moloney: I’m a very skilled barber, barista and table tennis player.


Round 12: Do you have any superstitions or rituals you follow in the lead-up to fight night?

Moloney: No, I don’t. I did many years ago but I realise now that these things are not what wins fights.


Round 13: What is your favourite post-fight feed?


Moloney: Pizza, burgers, ice cream, chocolate and cookies to name a few, haha.


Round 14: Why would we find you when you’re away from the gym?


Moloney: I enjoy simple things, I like going to the beach, going out for dinner and just spending time with my family and friends.


Round 15: If you weren’t boxing, what would you be doing?


Moloney: I would probably own a gym. I have always had a huge passion for health and fitness. I had my own personal training business for eight years before taking on boxing fulltime.


Note: A version of this article originally appeared at in May 2019.


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