Saul Alvarez Responds To Abel Sanchez's 'Running' Comments


Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has responded fiercely to Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez, who accused him of running away instead of meeting Golovkin in the centre of the ring when they fought to a controversial draw in September 2015. The bitter rivals meet in an eagerly awaited rematch at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on September 15 and Alvarez did not mince his words regarding Sanchez’s ability as a boxing trainer.


Talking about Sanchez’s less than commentary comments Alvreaz said: “Abel Sanchez keeps saying that you “ran” during your first fight with Golovkin. Golovkin says you should stand and fight him in the center of the ring. What’s your response?


“Comments from Sanchez don’t really bother me because he actually thinks he’s a great trainer, but he doesn’t know what boxing is. He doesn’t know what it is to have technique. He doesn’t know what it is to box or to move. He doesn’t know what it means to adapt to the circumstances of a fight and not just go forward and throw punches. What I do is box. I find it strange that someone who believes himself to be a great trainer does not know how to distinguish between having technique and what he’s saying [the running].


“It’s one thing to be coming forward like a donkey and it’s another thing to be moving, dodging punches, counterpunching, and even staying on the ropes without him hitting you. I hope he goes back to his house and realizes what I’ve been saying about him: that he’s a dumbass [pendejo]. The first fight has given me the confidence that I will win this fight. If I work him well throughout the fight, I can knock him out.”


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