Farmer Plans To Unify Junior lightweight titles


New IBF junior lightweight champion Tevin Farmer, 26-4-1-(5), has expressed a desire to unify the division after out-pointing Australian veteran Billy Dibb, 43-5-(24), at Technology Park, in Eveleigh, Sydney, Australia on Friday.


Speaking after the fight the new titleholder said: “Billy Dib is a hell of a fighter, he had a great career, and he’s a two-time world champion. He tried to bully me and that might have worked if I wasn’t from Philly. I’m the new champion of the world. It was a long time to get here, but there’s a long way to go. Nobody wanted to give me a shot, everybody was ducking me so I had to kick the door in. Now I’ve got the belt and everybody will want to start screaming my name. I’m ready to fight anyone and unify the titles.”


Promoter Lou DiBella was full of praise for his new champion, stating: “I’ve never had a champion like Tevin Farmer. At 7-4-1, with all the odds against him, he decided he’d be a world champion. He went from 7-4-1 to 26-4-1, now with an IBF strap around his waist. Despite being shot through the hand protecting family and getting robbed in his last fight, he never stopped smiling and always believed in himself. Tevin is Philly to the core.”


DiBlella Added: "I’m so proud of Tevin and I’m so proud of my friend Billy Dib, who fought the only fight that he could to give himself a shot. Dib would not quit as he hasn’t quit throughout the dark moments of his life. He went the distance with his heart, as he has and will in life. I wish him well in retirement."





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