Munguia Retains WBO Crown, De La Hoya vs Bernanche Declared No Contrest

In a thrilling main event, Jaime Munguia retained his WBO Super Welterweight Title and undefeated record after going toe-to-toe with Dennis “Hurricane” Hogan at the Monterrey Arena in Monterrey, Mexico on Saturday.


In a thrilling main event, Jaime Munguia retained his WBO Super Welterweight Title and undefeated record after going toe-to-toe with Dennis “Hurricane” Hogan at the Monterrey Arena in Monterrey, Mexico on Saturday. The co-main event was declared a no contest when Diego De La Hoya and Enrique Bernache collided heads, and Patrick Teixeira defended his WBO Latino Super Welterweight Title with a unanimous decision over Mario Lozano.


Jaime Munguia


On if you won the fight: “Truthfully as the round was coming to end I thought it could be a draw. I decided to come out in the last round and give it my all for the victory, but truthfully it was difficult. I wanted to give the victory to my people.”


On what was so difficult about Dennis Hogan: “He would hit me in the head then a low blow, and he would hold and not let me get in a rhythm, but we just have to continue our preparation.”


On what you learned: “I learned a bit about getting frustrated from this fight and that was one of the problems. I also think I got a little bit tired. Also some issues at being 154, that could be a problem.”


On last if this will be last fight at 154: “It could be, we truthfully have to talk about it with my promoter and we will see what happens.”


Dennis Hogan

On if you believe you won the fight: “I knew I won the fight. I’m really disappointed to train as a hard as I did and for this to happen. We came here in good faith and no disrespect to the people who scored it but that decision shouldn’t go through. This is bad for boxing, bad for me, and a rematch is accepted right away, no questions asked.”


On game plan: “You saw the game plan, it was keep moving and land more shots. Every time I knew I was doing that. His power didn’t faze me at all because I’m moving, rolling with the punches, doing what I was doing. He’s a great fighter, but I could see it in his eyes he knew he was losing. At times he was acting desperate. I wasn’t even worried that much, no disrespect, but I could take his shots and I was landing more than him. Get CompuBox to properly count the punches. You’ll see I was winning that fight, I was so comfortable in there.”


On rematch: “Zanfer promotions offered us one straight away. They obviously know, everyone knows. I’m not one to cry, I’m not one to play, I’ll come back and win the title on neutral ground. I’ll win the title, set my family up. They just tried to take my families future away and I’ll fight hard to win it back again.”


Diego De La Hoya


On how are you feeling: “I feel bad, I put all the sacrifice into camp, put all the effort into camp. I feel very bad. I knew this would happen because of the headbutt. I feel very bad.”


On what happened: “You know he came in with his head and I didn’t feel it. We bumped heads and he started bleeding a lot. So truthfully it didn’t bother me.”


On another fight at 126 or going back to 122: “I want to fight and I want to fight again. I feel bad for all the people that came here. Things happen in boxing, I just want to fight again!”


Does this warrant a rematch? “Yes of course, whomever, I just want to fight again.”


Patrick Teixeira


On what changed during the fight: “Lozano was difficult I knew. I was trying to keep my distance with my jab, and many times I couldn’t keep the long distance. It was just difficult.”


On why Lozano was so difficult: “Every time I tried to cut the distance he would come with an overhand and use his head so I had to jump back.”

12-Round WBO World Super Welterweight Title Bout @154

Jaime Munguia vs. Dennis Hogan

Jaime Munguia (33-0, 26 KOs) defeats Dennis Hogan (28-2-1 (7 KOs) by unanimous decision

(114-114, 115-113, 116-112)

10-Round Featherweight Bout @126

Diego De La Hoya vs. Enrique Bernanche

Diego De La Hoya (21-0, 10 KOs) vs. Enrique Bernache (24-12, 12 KOs) was declared a no contest at 2:25 of Round 2 (headbutt)

10-Round WBO Latino Super Welterweight Title Bout @154

Patrick Teixeira vs. Mario Lozano

Patrick Teixeira (30-1, 22 KOs) defeats Mario Lozano (33-9, 24 KOs) by unanimous decision

(95-95, 96-94, 96-94)


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