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Former champion Yuri Foreman eyes another title shot

Foreman, in his 3rd decade as a professional, knows he has more years in the rearview mirror than ahead of him but the former WBA world super welterweight champion will see if he has one more title run in the tank. 

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Yuri F
Yuri F

At 40-years of age, entering is 40th bout, (35-3, 1 NC, 10 KO’s), former world champion Yuri Foreman will return to the ring on June 19th in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Buckhead Fight Club series.


Foreman, in his 3rd decade as a professional, knows he has more years in the rearview mirror than ahead of him but the former WBA world super welterweight champion will see if he has one more title run in the tank.

Foreman turned pro in 2002 and impressed over the first 6 years of his career going a perfect 27-0, picking up the NABF light middleweight title and recording wins over tough and talented fighters like Jesus Soto-Karass and Anthony Ivory, among others.


The summer of June 2009 saw him facing future world champion Cornelius Bundrage, but the fight was stopped after a bad cut to Foreman, resulting in the fight being declared a NC 3. Interestingly, both fighters would win a world title in their next fight with Bundrage picking up the IBF light middleweight title and Foreman winning the WBA light middleweight belt, by decisioning Daniel Santos in Las Vegas in November of 2009.


Now a world champion, Foreman certainly drew a tough assignment for his first title defense facing off with Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto in June of 2010, who stopped him in the 9th round in Yankee Stadium in New York. Foreman came back in March of 2011 and was again stopped by rugged Pawel Wolak. Now with back-to-back losses, Foreman decided it was time for a break and stayed out of the ring in 2012.

Foreman would return in 2013 and rattle off 4 straight wins before again taking a year off, staying out of the ring in 2014. He fought 3 times between 2015 - 2017 with the last of those fights being a stoppage loss to highly skilled champion Erislandy Lara in shot at his WBA world light middleweight title.


Out of the ring for almost 3 years, Foreman returned in December of last year to pick up a SD win and now, 7-months later, hoping to build off of that victory, he is back.


MaxBoxing caught up with the former world champion, from his home in Brooklyn, New York, to get his thoughts on his past, present and future in the ring.


Bill Tibbs: Hi Yuri, thanks for taking a minute to chat.


Yuri Foreman: Hi Bill, no problem.


BT: You turned pro in 2002 and had a great run going undefeated in 27 bouts. Then after the Bundrage (ND) fight you win the world title against Daniel Santos in 2009.


YF: Yes, that was a great win and of course a dream to win the world title. Every fighter wants to win the world title. I was very happy.


BT: You had a tough first defense, in June of 2010, against Miguel Cotto, a very good fighter.


YF: Yes, he was a good fighter, I would not take anything away from him, but I hurt my leg in that fight and that was unfortunate.


BT: You came back in March of 2011 and lost to Powel Wolak, another good fighter. But after two losses, back-to-back, how were you feeling at that time?


YF: In all honesty, I am not making excuses, but I really should have taken a little bit more time off in healing from the injury, give myself time to heal up better before returning to the ring.


BT: You took all of 2012 off before coming back in 2013.


YF: Really, after the 2nd loss, I just needed a break, I needed time to reset myself, look at things, take a break; get myself reset physically and mentally.


BT: You came back strong in 2013 with 4 straight wins but then took 2014 off.


YF: At that time, I was very distracted over the business of boxing. I had a contract problem with management at that time. Sometimes you meet people in boxing, and they pretend to be your friend, but their intentions are not true. I have learned a lot over the years about the business of boxing and you have to watch out for yourself. I love the sport of boxing, but I don’t always like the business part of it.


BT: You come back in 2015 and ’16 with wins and then get another word title shot in January of 2017 against Erislandy Lara, a very talented fighter, for his WBA World Super Welterweight title.


YF: Unfortunately, during that time I was having a lot of personal distractions out of the ring. How would I say this? Personal and mental problems and distractions in my personal life out of the ring. But, Yes, Lara is a very good fighter and a very talented fighter.


BT: After the Lara loss, I assumed you were done with boxing as you were out for almost 4 years. But, you came back in 2020 with a win and now you are fighting on the 19th of this month. What do you hope to accomplish before you retire from boxing?


YF: Well, I am not ready to retire. I am feeling good mentally and physically. I am very healthy. My body and mind. I have excellent support from home, and I didn’t always have that in the past. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I am vegan, and I think that makes a big difference in how I heal up, avoid inflammation and it just helps to stay healthy overall. I would like to get another world title shot.


BT: Is age a factor as you are now 40?


YF: Age doesn’t have to play a factor if you are healthy and in good shape. Look at Manny Pacquiao, fighting at the top level in his 40’s. I am not comparing myself in any way to Manny Pacquiao but it is clear if you keep yourself in good shape, mentally and physically, you can compete in your 40’s.


BT: You sound refreshed and excited to be boxing again


YF: I am enjoying it, I feel young, and I love boxing, not always the business of it but I love the sport. It is the art I have been doing my while life, since I was a kid. I want to enjoy the ride in boxing while I can.


BT: What is next after this fight if all goes well?


YF: If I win, God willing, and I look good doing it, I would like to fight in another 2-3 months and then see what is next.


BT: Yuri, best of luck on the 19th and I look forward to catching up after the fight.


YF: Thank you Bill, nice chatting with you and God’s blessings to you.








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