De Vaca scores points win over Guerrero


By: Ron Valderrama at ringside: Iron Boy Promotions presented their 49th show last night at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.


In the main event, journeyman fighter, Ernesto Guerrero (30-26, 20 KOs) of Mexico met Francisco De Vaca (20-0, 6 KOs) before a capacity crowd. Guerrero, a scrappy fighter who can at times be a dangerous fighter if you don’t control him early. Guerrero has been known to give good fighters trouble with his awkward style. De Vaca found his range by round 2,


landing some clean and crisp punches on Guerrero who would hold De Vaca every time he tried to mount an attack. The journeyman Guerrero is a smart fighter, choosing to battle his foe on the inside and with some success at that in round 4.


Despite the odd style and clinching of Jimenez, a frustrated De Vaca still managed to stay in control going into round 5. De Vaca still finished the round strong despite Guerrero’s attempts to take De Vaca out of his element. Round 6 was a better round for De Vaca, walking down Guerrero and not allowing him inside kept Guerrero in a vulnerable position and allowed De Vaca to land some well-placed punches.


In round 7, De Vaca simply would not allow Guerrero to fight inside, De Vaca did some fancy foot work and looked more like Sugar Ray Leonard, dancing around the ring and taking control of what was left in the bout.


The action would continue in the 8th and final round. De Vaca taking control and not allowing the journeyman Guerrero to hold or clinch. A may not have been De Vaca’s best fight, but it wasn’t because he didn’t try, the style of Guerrero just didn’t allow us to see the De Vaca we may be used to seeing. In the end, all judges score the bout 80-72 in favor of Francisco De Vaca.


In the co-main event, Ulises Jimenez (23-24-1, 15 KOs) faced veteran and hometown favorite, Fidel Hernandez (20-5-1, 11 KOs) in a Super middleweight bout that was scheduled for 8 rounds. Hernandez, who came out of retirement in 2017 and proved time was no match for him in the ring.


Sure, his speed and power may not be what it once was, but make no mistake, Hernandez is a legit fighter that still has some game left in him. It didn’t take long, and Jimenez did fight with heart, but Hernandez was just too much for Jimenez.


In round 2, Hernandez torched Jimenez and dropped Jimenez to the canvas for a count, but the grit and heart of Jimenez beat the count and continued to fight.


In round 3, Hernandez continued his assault and simply punished Jimenez with a constant and effective barrage of punches, and again dropping Jimenez a final time as the referee stops the fight. Official time of stoppage was 1:10 of round 3, giving Fidel Hernandez the TKO win.


Hernandez may be past his prime, but he can still land some powerful punches and can be a force to be dealt with in the ring. His experience has served him well since coming out of retirement, he knows he’s older and uses his ring smarts to make up for what he has lost.


The Undercard: Jose Castanon (0-1), making his pro debut, battled Eduardo Ayala (4-0, 1 KO) in a light heavyweight bout scheduled for 4 rounds. Ayala, no stranger to the Celebrity has fought all of his fights here. From round two, Ayala controlled the fight, landing some brutal body shots and overhand looping punches. In round 3, Ayala landed a deadly left that left the eye of Castanon swelling. The fight would go the distance, all three judges score the bout 40-36 in favor of Eduardo Ayala. Tim Ruiz (1-2), traded punches with Trini Ochoa (5-0, 2 KOs) in an exciting bout scheduled for 4 rounds.


It didn’t take Ochoa very long to make a statement, landing a crushing blow that dropped Ruiz in the first round. Clearly dazed, Ruiz beat the count and managed to continue the fight. Ochoa continued pelting Ruiz in round 3, dropping Ruiz again with a piercing and deadly punch. The gritty Ruiz beat the count yet again, but moments later, was dropped for a final time.


Referee Wes Melton wisely calls a halt to the bout at 1:20 of round 3, awarding Ochoa the TKO win. Farid Ngoga planned on making his fight debut, facing Brandon Trujillo (0-5) in a scheduled 4-round bout, but it didn’t happen. The fight would be pulled from the card due to the fact that Brandon Trujillo failed a drug test.


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