Tony Bellew takes out BJ Flores, calls out David Haye after victory

By John J. Raspanti


Displaying talent in both boxing and acting, WBC cruiserweight champion and Liverpool native, Tony Bellew, knocked out weight challenged BJ Flores in three rounds at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England last Saturday night.


Seconds after the bout ended, Bellew, who garnered raves last year for his performance as boorish champion “Pretty” Ricky Conlon in the film Creed, fired some verbal shots at former two-time titleholder David Haye.


“You see him?” Bellew hollered at Haye who was working the fight as a ringside commentator. “He’s been conning the British public since that pathetic comeback of his.


"David, let’s be totally honest brother," shouted Bellew. "Those two guys you just fought, they’re in town now. They’re either working on nightclub doors or they’re putting the bins away. Those two guys you fought last were a joke."


As the fans in the arena booed, Haye, with a bemused look , locked eyes with Bellew. Many boxing fans have never forgiven the British champion for his ridiculous performance against then-heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko in 2011.


Bellew kept up his taunts.


“And you’re robbing everybody who pays to come in the arena," he said. "Listen, you predicted BJ was gonna beat me. I smashed your buddy, your playmate, your playboy, your nightclub buddy and I will smash you the exact same way. You remember what happened when I was an amateur and you were fighting for the British title? Me and Pricey spanked you in the gym and the next day you pulled out. “


Haye, though impressed with Bellew’s victory, doesn’t consider the Liverpudlian much of a challenge.


"Bellew has dynamite in his fists,” said Haye. ” But would that work on me? I don’t think. He was taking big shots in the process [of beating Flores], his defense was leaky. Against me, that’d take one shot.”


Haye’s points are vaild. The champion was reckless, winging shots from all angles. Flores was able to land a number of punches on Bellew’s exposed chin. Could said jaw handle Haye’s powerful blows?


Doesn’t seem likely.


Bellew, 33, was knocked out by power-punching light heavyweight champion, Adonis Stevenson, a few years ago. A chin doesn’t improve with age. He’s also cruiserweight while Haye has fought in the heavyweight division for eight years.


"I’ll probably knock him out with a jab,” said Haye with smile. ” I could win the fight with one hand, just my left hand, I wouldn’t even need my right hand."


Bellew wants the fight.


Does Haye?


Hard to say, but not because he thinks he’’ll lose. Bellew is tailor made for Haye.


Would he risk a big heavyweight payday to face the defiant Bellew?


Only time will tell.


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