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Fight preview: David Avanesyan vs Lamont Peterson


By Anthony "Zute" George

David Avanesyan (22-1-1 11 KO’s) defends his version of the WBA welterweight title against Lamont Peterson (34-3-1 17 KO’s), Saturday night in Cincinnati, Oho.


Peterson has not laced ‘em up since October 2015. The fruits of his hiatus are a title shot on premium cable.


Only in boxing. 


Avanesyan has been only slightly more active, fighting just once in 2016 -- against 45-year-old future hall of famer Shane Mosley. The great trainer Ray Arcel once said ‘to rest is to rust’.


Saturday night we will find out which fighter has the more effective WD-40. Here is how we see this fight stacking up.


David Avanesyan:


The Pros:  Good pressure fighter, high volume puncher, can fight effectively both as a righty and lefty, keeps a tight high guard, appears to have a good chin, good body puncher with both hands.


The Cons: Cannot fight a lick backing up, is right there for you, predictable; offers no faints with the jab, most impressive win over an aging Mosley.


Lamont Peterson:


The Pros: All round better boxer, can fight backing up or moving forward, big reach

advantage, more experience, faced much tougher competition. 


The Cons: Long layoff, tends to fight in spurts and takes rounds off.

The match up favors Peterson; he is an all-world talent, inconsistency and some peculiar fight strategies have prevented him from becoming a breakout star.


There is nothing Avanesyan can offer up that Lamont Peterson has not seen before. However, intangibles make this an intriguing matchup.


After being off over a year, how hungry is Lamont? How ready will he be for a good pressure fighter, who can switch stances and is a high volume puncher?


Peterson lost to Danny Garcia because he was focused more on testing out his bicycle, than throwing punches, for the majority of the fight. When Peterson was focused on fighting, he outclassed Danny.


It is essential for Lamont to get off to a good start and be prepared for an active 12 rounds, if the knockout does not come.


Avanesyan will have to do what he does best. Actually the only thing he knows how to do; apply pressure, go downstairs, try and outwork his opponent over the course of 12 rounds.  On 364 days of the year, that would not be enough to best Lamont Peterson. It is not out of the question Saturday can be day 365.


The result of this fight will have a huge impact on the welterweight division.


With Keith Thurman taking on Danny Garcia, and Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr. just announced, the welterweight division is in the midst of what I like to call BigFightidous; great news for the fans, not so much for Avanesyan.


If Avanesyan can pull of the upset, I cannot foresee the winner of Thurman v. Garcia, or Brook v. Spence being interested in fighting against such an unknown commodity. With that said, if he wins, Avanesyan fits the bill for a Manny Pacquiao dance partner.


This may be against the grain, but I do not consider a fight with Manny Pacquiao a ‘big fight’ anymore, just a means to rob the customers; however, if Avaneysan can secure the big payday; ‘a salud!”


If Lamont Peterson wins, a fight against the Thurman v. Garcia winner is a natural.


With that being said, Peterson might have to face Adrien Broner first, who is headlining Saturday night’s card. Assuming "The Problem" can ever fit into a 147-pound frame again.


Saturday night David Avanesyan vs. Lamont Peterson has a chance to be a good action fight, there is a better chance it can be a mismatch. Either way, the ramifications are big for the coveted welterweight division. Boxing fans should be on notice.     


Twitter: @Zute29





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