Danny Garcia stops Brandon Rios in nine

By Allan Cerf

Garrcia vs. Rios pictures by German Villasenor
Garrcia vs. Rios pictures by German Villasenor

Round 1: All Garcia; the ever-hopeful Rios looks outclassed. Garcia seeming to start faster than he usually does.


Round 2: Rios won the round to these eyes. In the talent-laden welterweight division, if Garcia is taking inside left hooks from Rios? 1-1 in rounds.


Round 3: Entertaining fight! Far more so than Groves-Eubank Jr. Narrowly to Garcia by virtue of power. Garcia still taking far too many blows, Garcia 2-1 in rounds


Round 4: Ultra-fan friendly brawl; Garcia landing the heavier shots, especially the right. 3-1 in rounds for DG. Defense out the window.


Round 5: Garcia landing huge rights; Rios now blinking. Rios lands hard right! Garcia takes it well. Now Garcia blinking. Surely Garcia’s right hand head-shots will slow Bam-Bam down?


Garcia vs. Rios pictures by German Villasenor
Garcia vs. Rios pictures by German Villasenor

Round 6: Wow. Another round for Rios. Errol Spence must be thinking "bon appetite." Rios too small to really hurt Garcia with single punches – luckily for DG. Garcia in rounds 4-2.


Round 7: Sharp counters from Garcia dominate the round. Garcia in rounds 5-2.


Round 8: After being challenged by his corner to show something, Rios does - for a time. However, more right hands and a left seemed to hurt him - it’s DG’s round. Garcia in rounds 6-2.


Round 9: Huge Right hand by Garcia KO’s Bam-Bam. Rios not allowed to continue after rising in a semi-coma.


Over-achiever Danny Garcia finds another way to look somewhat impressive. But do his flaws make him easy-pickin for the likes of Spence and Crawford? Rios brave in defeat but should hang up his gloves. Enough is enough. Garcia? His superb timing can’t be denied. Is that enough to hang with the top dogs? Let’s fight these fights!



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