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Crawford vs. Indongo -"For All The Marbles"


By Allan Cerf

It’s Terrence, ‘Bud’ Crawford vs. Julius “The Blue Machine” August 19, Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln Nebraska/ESPN Live Stream.


Background: A very rare, true, “total unification bout,” it’s being touted.  All belts will become the winner’s property!  A sensational fight not to be missed.  Best of all, FREE on ESPN.  I hope my doubts are misplaced - and the network can make enough from advertisers to keep fights free.  My advice?  Don’t miss a single important ESPN championship fight.


Pity the poor “guinea pig” Ricky Burns who had to fight Namibia’s Indongo ‘blind,’ as footage of Julius was almost non-existent.  Burns – who had his moments, soon discovered how awkwardly good Indongo is – a guy who says he represents all of Africa, not just the Southwest.  Lucky for Terrence Crawford, he too has size and peculiar tools to counter-baffle the African.


Scorecards: (Speed, Power, Defense, Reach, Age, Stamina, Experience)

Crawford: B+ B+, B+ B  B  B+, B+ (Average of all) B

Crawford: B+ B+, B+ B  B  B+, B+ (Average of all) B

Indongo: B B- B+ B C+ B+ B Average of all) B-       


Personal: Crawford: Per countless videos of TC kickin’ it on his front porch – the man is affable and all about family.


Indongo: TBD


Fight and Prediction: On paper things strongly favor Bud Crawford.  His competition is much better.  He’s a switch hitter.  He hits harder.  He’s much younger.  That said... I’m 5’11” and change for certain – yet Indongo looks much taller than that.  His reach is a bit longer than Crawford’s.  This gives Julius an apparent advantage of height of, I’d say, 4 inches.  Larry Merchant’s “geography of a fight” is a strange thing.  Could be that the height advantage means nothing.  It could likewise be hugely significant. 


In my view, the fight hangs on two things. Southpaw Indongo who has a very good right, is nevertheless left-hand crazy.  Like a clever pitcher, he releases it from a variety of angles, some crazy.  He telegraphs it which is usually a death sentence but against Burns it didn’t matter.  Like a mini Paul Williams, Indongo got away with it.  You’d think Crawford will time that telegraph and eventually KO Indongo for the flaw.  Yet the key factor is that- through good but not perfect English, Indongo seems to acknowledge that the fight is a huge challenge without stating “but one I’ll surmount.”  African and Cuban fighters, while burning to win, seem more content with hard fought losses than Americans – how’s that for a generality?  Yet one I stand by.  I think Crawford would rather jump off a cliff than lose.  I think that’s the key fact of this fight.


What a fight!  If close in favor of Crawford, it means good things for both fighters – and all fans.  If Crawford KO’s Indongo then he’s the pound-for-pound champ, on my list, period.  If Indongo somehow wins a decision despite judges I’d guess, predisposed towards Crawford, he becomes an instant, shocking superstar.


Crawford TKO Indongo 11.





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