Canelo vs. GGG: The only way Alvarez can win

By Blake "Racehorse" Chavez

Alvarez vs. Golovkin 2
Alvarez vs. Golovkin 2

I love boxing. Pro boxing. Amateur boxing. Front yard with cars-rolling-by-and-honking boxing. At the bar-b-que boxing. In the alley behind your momma’s house boxing. But I do not love Canelo-running-then-pretending-he-won-boxing. Especially when damned-near everyone except two blind/suspect judges agree he got his ass kicked.


Here is a newsflash Canelo, Oscar, and Eric. When, upon the reading of the scorecards, the entire arena erupts in a cascade of boos directed at you, the chances are pretty good you really actually lost the fight. It’s also pretty much a given that those who viewed the fight via screening, streaming, or television also hold that same opinion on the outcome.


They have brains. Really, they do.


Guys... we pay hard-earned cash to order pay-per-view. It’s a bit of a strain on the budgets of almost everybody that is a true fan. Respect that. Don’t treat your fan base like they are dummies. I know it’s difficult for you Oscar, as you’ve had your ass kissed by so many for so long that you’ve long forgotten what the word humble and gracious mean.


Canelo, it’s almost understandable that you would be delusional about your performance as you live a cloistered existence, pampered by your twin monks, aka the Reynoso duo.


OK, the fight. GGG took Canelo’s lunch money, and when he asked Alvarez what he intended to do about it, Canelo ran to the principal’s office to snitch. Plain and simple, he ran from the fight.


After all that macho: "We Mexicans don’t f*#* around" BS, it is apparent that some Mexicans, particularly you, apparently do f*#* around.

You always claim that, "I was born ready". Well, that very well may have been the case my red-headed amigo, but you sure-as-shooting were not ready to fight GGG in your first bout with him. You were however, quite ready to run. Watching you run had me checking the channel to see if I was watching The Radrunner cartoons.


You are better than that Canelo. Harken back to your roots. Before the ass-kissings rolled in. Ok? Now listen closely.

Alvarez vs. Golovkin 2
Alvarez vs. Golovkin 2

This is the only way you can beat GGG:


You have to put your huevos on the table and fight. Not recklessly, but you have to engage him often. When you shoot your load, don’t run, but don’t wait around for the receipt either. Smother his shots. Get ugly. Clinch, then elbow some. Push. Pull. Clinch a little bit more. You are strong. Make him work, which takes some steam off of his shots as the night wears on. He’s old. Wear him out. Frustrate him. Every now and then wind up and tee off on a massive home run shot. Especially early.


They may not all land, but even if just one does, GGG won’t be in so much of a big hurry to exchange.


He’s human and feels pain just like you do. He’s head-hunting so that gives you less to worry about. Your body is young and can take his body shots. Impose your will on him at times. Don’t hesitate to talk to him, to agitate him. It works to your benefit if he’s rushed and flustered.


In a clinch, don’t hesitate to push him off with a glove to the face once or twice. the fans will love you for it. It sends a message to GGG that that was then; this is now.


In a very early round, shove him down. Yes, just push his ass down when he rushes in close. Show him who the boss is. You may get a baby warning, but no points taken away. You can get into his head by showing zero respect. The tactic is ’considered’ illegal, but it won’t get anyone disqualified. It never has.


If you need a breather or get stunned, and your shots just are not in rhythm: hit him low. Hard, or not at all. Really wing one. You’ll get a warning. So what? He’ll get his nuts socked into his throat and that shot will help bring fatigue to him later. That makes him even more leery of jumping on you.


When you need a breather from the pressure, it’s OK to keep him at a distance and feint him off. It’s a more acceptable way than running to eat time off the clock, which you definitely need to do. It also will keep gas in your tank if you use the tactic judiciously, and only as needed. But since apparently nobody has told you; I will. You aint that good a dancer, Pal. I know, you think you’re cute and you think you are impressing everyone. Not. You have fame and money so you get beautiful girls.


If you were broke, you might be pretty darned lonely. So you must take chances and let that brick-head of yours absorb some shots. It’s allowed. When people fight, and I mean really fight, there’s going to be some bumps and bruises.


Pay the price for once in the last decade. You will live a hero’s life forever and ever if you do. Or you will be snickered at behind your back for eternity. The choice is yours.


After the first bout GGG was obviously scuffed up and drained from some of your blistering combinations that were unleashed in tiny quantities. You didn’t have a scratch on you. But yet you ran? Throw combinations like it will be the last time you ever get to throw them. Showy. Hard. Consistent.


They hurt. Again, don’t run, it tires you out prematurely and you are embarrassing Mexico when you sprint from danger. Move fast; use head movement and be elusive when you need to be. Don’t dance. Move with purpose and focus. Keep the distance where it favors you. If he breaks into your defensive perimeter, blast him.


This is pay to play, Buster.


But do not run. Combine some of that movement with some clinching. GGG throws his arms up on the clinch so the ref will hurry up and let him resume pressure. Don’t be quick to disengage the clinches. Work the clock like the seasoned pro you are. You can win, Canelo. But only if you employ this road map.


If you are counting on robbing GGG again, the public will scorn you for two robberies in a row. One is the limit when it comes to back to back robberies. Please note that if you do run again, I, and millions of others shall hate you. Perhaps hate is too strong a word. How about loathe?


What do you think Canelo’s game plan should be?


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