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Broner vs. Granados - Another last chance for AB


By Allan Cerf

Adrien “The Problem” Broner takes on Adrian “Tigre” Granados this Saturday night at Cintras Center in Cincinnati, OH.


The bout will be televised on Showtime Championship Boxing.


AB is the epitome of a “Teens Decade” fighter. The flash and ‘huh!’ exceed the talent; though he’s talented.  He states he’s growing up.  Does that mean we don’t have to suffer his incipient porn career, rap attempts, $20 bill flushing, and bowling alley stick-ups, anymore?  We may count on AB to actually punch legitimate opponents with his well above average skills and aptitude, rather than acquaintances? 


Broner became ill, hence the catch weight of 142 was scrapped in favor of 147.  Mayweather, Broner’s pal, got him this fight, in his hometown no less. Laudable Floyd sticking by his pal, but Broner manufactures 99 troubles and only deserves so many bailouts. 


On paper, it’s an embarrassing walkover.


Scorecards: (Speed, Power, Defense, Reach, Age, Stamina, Experience)


Adrien Broner: B+, B, B+, C-. B, B+, B (Average of all) B           


Adrien Granados: C-, C, C-, B+, B, C, B (Average of all) C+


Reality Check: Broner’s poor reach is one reason that blows that missed

Mayweather, whom he emulates, hit him. Maidana gave Floyd rough problems - he sent a brain-scrambled Broner to the hospital.  Broner has excellent defense and above-average reflexes and the shoulder roll. 

However, that “package” made Floyd an all-time great while Broner remains a talent with a disappointing career.  I believe if the talented but overhyped Broner believed he was “that” special, he wouldn’t create out of the ring failure. It’s an old-story in every walk of life. 


As a point of comparison, consider another underachieving fighter: Zab Judah.  Judah really was a super-talent, fought the best, was unlucky, and really did “wise up,” though probably too late.   Broner, with less talent, is still in a position to leave boxing a wealthy man.  If he truly focuses on boxing.


Though I respect Granados as I do most pro fighters, he is slow, predictable and his stiff stance hurts his mobility. He’s trained with Broner which often spells trouble for the favorite as the “B-Side” knows him inside and out. Granados is most definitely doing boxing for the greenbacks.


What circumstances could cause an upset?  Broner could come into the bout out-of-shape, and unmotivated.  The one high grade I gave Granados was for his long reach; perhaps this would allow him on a best night to land a series of big blows.


Personal: Broner – see misdeeds, above.


Granados: So low key, few who meet him believe he’s a boxer.  Classy, overtly respectful to parents and special lady.  Scarcely time for a few amusements outside boxing, he notes, other than lots of music.  Would like to translate boxing matches in future, or even commentate.


Prediction: While I hope Broner doesn’t try to carry his buddy, Granados, he may.  I hope he goes out of his way to blow Granados out- it’s easily accomplished.  Broner by TKO 9-11.








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