Nagging Gorman Wants Dubois Showdown


Ricky Hatton, the trainer of young heavyweight hope Nathan Gorman, says Gorman is nagging him for a showdown with bitter rival Daniel Dubois.


Both men are promoted by Frank Warren and a clash between the  two prospects looks certain for the future.


Warren will be keen to match them inside 18 months and Hatton is also patient, but Gorman is pestering his trainer to make the fight.


They sparred during their amateur days on the GB squad and British ring great Hatton revealed: “Nathan must hound me every week about fighting Daniel Dubois.


“He says he has sparred with him when they were on the GB squad and Nathan words, not mine are that he has ‘never lost a round to him.’He is itching for that, but I tell him he has got to give it time.


“We’re heading in the right direction with Frank. I have told Nathan don’t worry about Daniel, just concentrate on yourself, keep improving and adding to your fan base.


“He is a lovely kid, not arrogant. He just has confidence in his own ability to what he can do if he gets the chance to fight Dubois.”


Gorman, (13-0), is in action on Warren’s card at the Brentwood Centre on Saturday (Oct 20th) and hopes Dubois, who lives nearby in London’s East End will be ringside.


Hatton added: “Believe you me he can’t wait to go to Brentwood which you could call Daniel’s back yard and put a show on.


“When Nathan and I fancy the fight it is not being disrespectful to Daniel. I don’t BS, tell tales or feel the need to publicise my fighter.


“Daniel showed a lot of improvement against Kevin Johnson - a good punch volume and stamina, but I’d be surprised if Johnson threw 50 punches in the fight and that is no exaggeration.


“You have to pat Daniel on the back and he showed improvement, but we’re up for the fight and it is now in the hands of Frank.”








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