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Deontay Wilder Lets Rip On Social Media

Dear boxing fans


Well, I tried…


I tried to give you guys the biggest fight of your lives. The most exciting fight in world history. The first undisputed, undefeated, WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF unified heavyweight champion of the world since Lewis.


They tried too you know…


They asked for jungle deep numbers just to get out of the fight not knowing we were hustlers so we served ’em (The Money’s In Da Bag).


Just like a game of spades…what he do?


That Nicca Renig!! smdh


Just told a bold face lie, he’s not a stand-up guy.


Instead, he wanted to fight in his country.


“I respect that”

They offered me a “flat fee” crack head money, something that’s equivalent to a pack of peanuts + loaf bread & a jar of honey!!


Look I represent the Dirty South. I am a product of my environment. Bama is where I made it out.


This survival food I’m used to it,


So I said bet “Give me the gun. I’ll do it.”


I just basically took the lowest offer in boxing history for a unified title bout smh

“Brain Dead”


My team and I bent over backwards accepting everything they threw at us just to find out this boy is terrified of me. Pussy.


3 months of Tea Parties by grown men, they didn’t even have British hospitality and offer biscuits w/ the tea smh Damn!!


I said all that past shit to tell the story and to apologize, I’m sorry guys they played us all.


Fuck’Em!! We move forward. The future is still bright #51-0 baby. Let’s go.


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