Conlan Targets Warrington Clash


Irish Prospect Michael Conlan has two jobs in one night next month - making it a perfect 10 record as a professional and gathering some intelligence on possible future opponent, Josh Warrington.


Conlan (9-0) boxes on the undercard when Warrington, (27-0), risks his IBF Featherweight crown against Carl Frampton, (26-1), at Manchester Arena in the north of England on December 22.


Belfast’s Conlan is hoping to fight for a world title inside 18 months, but it won’t be against Frampton because they are close friends. Warrington is in his firing line.


Conlan said: “A fight against Josh is something I can see happening and it is going to be some fight between him and Carl.


“Another reason that I’m intrigued in the fight is that it’s a scouting mission for me.


“Win or lose, I would love to face Josh Warrington in the future. Carl and myself are friends so that won’t happen, but I am definitely keeping an eye on Josh.


“If Josh loses he is still going to come again because he is young enough, hungry, determined, fit and would have the ability to become world champion again if he loses.”


Conlan’s promoters Top Rank are steadily moving him up in class and by this time next year he’s likely to be fighting top operators like Warrington.


The 2015 world amateur champion added: “I would feel confident even though I rate Josh as a fighter. His style is one I love to face and one that brings out the best in my style of boxing.


“He is the same age range as me, has the ability to win more world titles and someone I watch.”


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