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Vazquez Nearly Shuts Kim Down, Winning IBF Belt; Garcia Stops Lock in the 11th Round

Jalisco, Mexico’s Miguel ’’El Titere’’ Vazquez, 26-3 (12), put on a masterful technical performance in winning a near shut-out against Korea’s hard-hitting Ji Hoon Kim, 21-6 (18), via unanimous decision for the vacant IBF lightweight strap on Saturday night’s “Top Rank Live”/FSN main event at the Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas.


13 months removed from his brilliant display of counter punching in his victory against dangerous Breidis Prescott, Vazquez had to be extremely careful against a barging Kim in the first round, throwing bombs with abandon. Vazquez was the recipient of a couple of headbutts, while trying his best to counterpunch on the angle with the aggressive Korean in hot pursuit.


Vazquez concentrated with sneaky body shots, absorbing a few good shots in the process in the second round.


Vazquez, just awkward enough with his style, was giving the Korean fits, with the countering and sudden bursts of aggressiveness, catching the fighter with clean shots in the following round.

Long arms and busy punching kept a confused-looking Kim at bay on the receiving end of hooking shots in the fourth with referee Lawrence Cole warning the Mexican for a straying low blow near the end of the round.


Garcia put on a masterful counterpunching display in the fifth, making the Korean miss, while peppering him with jabs and hooking rights. Kim tried his best but kept on missing wild overhand shots.


In full control midway into the fight, Vazquez landed a clean right early in the round, pressuring late, clocking and keeping Kim trapped against a corner, winning the round big.


Kim came out with guns blazing in the seventh, with Vazquez quickly wetting the powder and winning another clean round with his sharper shots.


The over-aggressive Kim came out hard once more in the following round, clashing heads, leaving Vazquez with a bloody gash high atop the right side of his head.


The Mexican went all out, getting the best of the exchanges throughout the high-paced round.


With the blood under control, Vazquez went back to work with Kim on the receiving end of a cut himself due to another accidental cut in the following round. Vazquez won another round on the strength of clever and busy counter punching and angles.


Kim sat in his corner, sporting a swollen forehead in between rounds.


Vazquez added uppercuts to his repertoire in the 11th, with Kim trying his hardest, getting jabbed to death and chopped with hooking lefts and rights for his efforts in the championship rounds.


Scores were 119-109, 120-108 and 118-110


On the televised co-featured bout of the night, Oxnard California’s boxing policeman, Miguel Angel ’’Mickey’’ Garcia, 23-0 (18), had a good, solid outing, dropping Las Vegas-based Cornelius Lock, 19-6-1 (12), early in their fight, staggering the speedy southpaw on several occasions en route to an 11th round stoppage, winning the IBF featherweight eliminator.


Lock looked smooth, shifty and tricky as expected through the first two rounds, with Garcia trying to close the distance yet unable to match the speed from the jab-happy Lock, who kept on moving side-to-side, pecking away at the orthodox fighter.


Garcia exploded with a big right hand in the third, landing right on Lock’s chin and sending him to the canvas. Lock worked on survival mode for the rest of the round.


Lock moved well, staying away from further trouble in the following round, with Garcia once again catching him in the fifth, rattling Garcia, who was then in full retreat.


The 22-year-old Garcia was getting behind in the sixth round, with a big right hand and subsequent furry of shots to the face, getting Lock in serious trouble of going down, holding on and doing what he could to get out of the round.


Garcia once again caught Lock with a big right hand, snapping his head violently in the seventh stanza.


The 31-year old Lock looked to have the edge in the following two rounds, jumping in and out with quick, snappy shots and getting away.



Bothered by a cut on the inside of his left eye by the tenth round, Lock would be in serious trouble as Garcia locked in with a single-double jab and straight rights, keeping Lock’s head wobbling. A clean uppercut landing at the end of the round sent a defeated looking Lock back to his corner.


Garcia finished Lock off in the 11th with another hooking right hand, leaving the beaten-up fighter on the canvas with a second cut; this one, along-side the right eye.


The referee John Schorle halted the bout at 1:09 of the round.

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