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Six Questions with Nirmal Lorick

(Photo © Esther Lin / SHOWTIME)
(Photo © Esther Lin / SHOWTIME)

Nirmal Lorick, 48, of Richmond Hill, Queens has helped engineer the careers of Travis Simms and Luis Collazo. That said, what’s the common pattern between the two pugilists? Well, that’s simple: both Collazo and Simms are former world champions.
Lorick has been to the mountain top before and knows what it takes to get there again. Tonight, Lorick’s star pupil, Collazo takes center stage in the co-feature bout of the evening against Amir Khan of the United Kingdom.
Here is what the Starrett City Boxing Club legend told Maxboxing regarding the match-up as well as much more concerning the near future.

Maxboxing: In terms of big fights that you have worked, where does this particular fight with Amir Khan rank?
Nirmal Lorick: This is definitely in the top three. The other three big fights that I’ve worked with Louie were the Jose Antonio Rivera fight in Massachusetts [in April of 2005]. The significance of that fight to me was that Louie took the fight on two weeks’ notice. He had an amazing fight and won the [WBA] world [welterweight] title. Then there was the Andre Berto fight in Mississippi. I thought we won that fight  but we didn’t get the decision. But what are you going to do? That’s how the cookie crumbles. And of course, there was the Ricky Hatton fight. That was the fight in which Louie fought on a big stage. HBO allowed him to showcase his talents. I thought we won that one too.
MB: After watching Louie’s destruction of Victor Ortiz, it appears that he is punching very hard. Would you say that this is the hardest that Louie is hitting?
NL: The knockout of Ortiz was a game changer. It changed his career. It’s because of that victory that we are in the position we are in today. But to answer your question, yes, this is the hardest that Louie is punching. He was a kid before but now he is in his 30s. He has that man-power. Louie always had the physical talent; he always had the dedication but was missing the spiritual component. He has that now and he is the total package.
MB: Would you agree with the opinion of others that feel that Amir Khan has a bad chin?
NL: No, I wouldn’t say that. I saw Khan take some good shots in the past before. Lamont Peterson hit him with some really good shots, shots that were heavy and hurt. I would say he took them well but this is boxing; this is the hurt business. Anybody can go down if you catch them with the right shot or if you catch him in the right place but Louie doesn’t have to knock him out. We’re ready to go the distance. Louie gets stronger as the fight progresses. I don’t see Amir beating Louie.
MB: Would you agree with the assessment that Amir Khan has regressed as a fighter under the tutelage of Virgil Hunter?
NL: No, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve known for Virgil for 20 years. We’ve been hitting the road and traveling from tournament to tournament since ‘94. I know Virgil; he’s is a great guy. He’s done a wonderful job with Andre Ward. The question is, can Virgil change Khan in such a short period of time? I don’t think so. In my opinion, Khan regressed as a result of being Manny Pacquiao’s sparring partner. Khan already had issues before he hooked up with Virgil but come Saturday, we will see if he can move Khan forward or backwards.
MB: There is no question that Louie is a talented fighter. However, he’s often scrutinized by the media for lacking ring I.Q. as evident in the first round with Hatton and the end of the Berto fight. Is this the fight in which Louie shows superior ring intelligence?
NL: No question. This is where it all hangs out. Louie will bring it all to the table. The media is going to be surprised. This is going to be the best Louie that the media will see. Luis is on the list of most talented fighters in the world. If you ask me, I’ll tell you he’s one of the top four welterweights in the world today.
MB: Considering that Khan appears to be the frontrunner to face Floyd Mayweather in September, are you concerned that you guys may get the short end of the stick in the form of a bad decision if it’s a close fight?
NL: Not at all. There are no concerns on our end whatsoever. I have faith with this one. In my heart, I believe it will be a fair fight with a fair outcome. This is not going to be one of those deals. would like to thank Nirmal Lorick for his time as well as wish him and Luis Collazo the best of luck tonight and beyond.
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