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Promethean Logic- Jan. 7, 2011

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by Managing Editor Coyote Duran do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of So he says if you don’t like it, get bent.

Wait…now who’s the champ here?...


Alright, so what I’m hearing is heavyweight titlist David Haye is pissed that World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko is facing Dereck Chisora and has resorted to calling Klitschko a “coward.” OK, really? Normally, I don’t get terribly irritated by mouthiness in fighters (gamesmanship, what can ya do?) but let’s break down what’s got the “Hayemaker’s” Union Jack in a bunch.


As I mentioned, Haye’s miffed because Klitschko’s offering a defense to Chisora, whom had to wait out a cancellation of their scheduled December 11 fight, due to the champion suffering an abdominal muscle injury. Sure, we all know Chisora’s barely ranked in the top ten of one of the sanctioning body’s heavyweight ratings (not ranked at all in The Ring’s heavyweight ratings) but Haye sure tried to build his November defense against countryman Audley Harrison, when Harrison was barely more deserving than the Zimbabwe-born fighter. Is it cool that Klitschko’s fulfilling a commitment to Chisora? Of course it is. And why not? Despite Haye’s ramblings that the younger Klitschko is avoiding him, it’s not like the champion makes a habit of ducking challengers. And it’s because of the Klitschko brothers’ “take what you can get” habits, they’ve gotten raked over the coals in the critical barbeque pit for not facing the best of the best at heavyweight. As it stands, the best of the best aren’t available. Alexander Povetkin? Not ready, according to his trainer Teddy Atlas. Tomasz Adamek? Still getting his heavyweight legs under him. David Haye? Hmmm…well after a well-publicized effigial decapitation of both Klitschkos, Haye found a way out of fighting either brother. Now, according to a Golden Boy Promotions press release, Haye’s reportedly “done” with the Klitschkos because, in negotiations, he gave in to Klitschko’s concessions, including agreeing to Klitschko getting the gloves he preferred, second ring walk and first billing on promotional materials. Pretty generous of Haye, isn’t it?


Haye also balks at Klitschko’s claim that he’ll face the titleholder after the Chisora defense by saying, “Klitschko claims he’ll fight both me and Chisora but it’s nonsense. Are we expected to believe that a fighter who competed only once in the whole of 2009 and twice in 2010 is now going to box twice in a matter of nine weeks?” If I were Haye, I wouldn’t bitch so much. After all, Haye competed only once in the whole of 2009 (a majority decision won over Nicolay Valuev) and twice in 2010 (ninth and third-round stoppage wins over John Ruiz and Harrison, respectively).


The moral? When it comes to delays, some fighters who live in glass phone booths shouldn’t throw punches.


Hitting the canvas again…


If you read my May 2010 Maxboxing piece on British artist Albie Espinola, you might remember that he’s a longtime boxing fan who, much like those of us who sling the paint while braver men sling the punches, loves to render fighters up close and in action. Albie recently released his latest time-lapse video, featuring an excellent start-to-finish view (to a great mash-up soundtrack of ringside commentary and Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”) of a brand-new Manny Pacquiao post-win celebration scene (complete with trainer Freddie Roach and Top rank’s Bob Arum!). You can check out my commentary and Albie’s full video at Dig, though; before checking out Albie’s video, make sure to hit the pause button on my playlist…yeah, I’ve got a playlist, so what? It’s the soundtrack of my own brush.


Ordering from the Junior menu…


OK, so at the end of this month, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. faces Billy Lyell in order to possibly “earn” a shot at Sebastian Zbik’s “interim” middleweight strap? The same Billy Lyell who got his shot at “contention” by beating then-13-24-4 Martinus Clay, who lost six straight before the Chavez fight and two post-Chavez? The same Billy Lyell who was stopped in ten by middleweight titlist Sebastian Sylvester one fight prior to the Clay outing? Ah, OK. It’s cool then. You gotta admit the pacing is just right. It was just one fight ago when Chavez Jr. beat John Duddy for a “silver” middleweight belt so why shouldn’t Chavez aim high, take advantage of his momentum, reach for the stars…and make a lateral move? Or maybe the REAL challenge in Lyell (who cut Duddy’s undefeated record short in April of 2009) is to see who the better John Duddy beater is. I guess it looks good on a résumé?


The rematch I wasn’t holding my breath for…


…looks like it’s going to happen and I couldn’t be more shocked. After editing this morning’s light-hearted piece on 2011 rematches by the always jovial German Villasenor (Hmmm…”Jovial German.” I really dig that), it got me rifling through all the fights he mentioned (ahem…when I should have been writing) and wondering to myself (because no one else was home. And if they were, who would listen? Even in a crowd, the fight nerd can feel, oh, so alone…) which sequel would I want to see the most. Naturally, Humberto Soto-Urbano Antillon II came to mind but, as an intangible (at the time because I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen), Jean Pascal-Bernard Hopkins II. Well, by now, you’ve probably read in a number of outlets that the green-belted organization, whose belt is amid the collection the World Light Heavyweight Champion Pascal holds, has ordered an immediate rematch. Good move. Surprising but a good move, nonetheless. It only makes me wonder what backlash will come from the camp of Chad Dawson, who’s contractually entitled to a rematch of their August 2010 fight, which ended in a technical decision win for Pascal, when “Bad Chad” suffered a laceration from an accidental headbutt. I can see Dawson, who looks for rejuvenation from new trainer Emanuel Steward (who could work wonders with the former light heavyweight titlist), benefiting from some step-aside cash in order to ultimately face the winner, while taking an interim fight and acclimating to Steward’s opportunity to “mold and sculpt” him as Steve Kim astutely pointed out in his Steward profile two days ago. Whatever the case, the nest two days should be really interesting.


Speaking of rematches…


With all the talk of a Juan Manuel Marquez-Erik Morales showdown about (I don’t know about you but I’m kinda excited about the possibility), why aren’t we concerned with making a Marquez-Humberto Soto fight, should “La Zorrita” defeat Antillon in the rematch? Oh, that’s right. Marquez is a Golden Boy fighter and Soto is a Top Rank property. Sh*t. Man, you guys are worse than Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight, I swear.


Buffer 2.0…


In the last few days, a down-on-his-luck but optimistic gentleman named Ted Williams went from homeless in Cleveland to employed internet sensation when discovered by a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch on the median of a busy thoroughfare. After a YouTube featuring Mr. Williams’ uncanny talent went more viral than H1N1, the 53-year-old Brooklyn native is now enjoying a rebirth of sorts, fielding offers from the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, Kraft Foods and even ushered in yesterday’s edition of “The Today Show.” It’s an unreal success story that’s a perfect example that a New Year can also introduce new hope. And Mr. Williams probably isn’t above “paying it forward” and that’s why I make this proposition to Top Rank: Hire Ted Williams to hail Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley for their May 7 date. You’ll get viewers then.


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Contact Coyote at or visit him at or Please visit or to check out Coyote’s original art. Currently, Coyote has no followers on Twitter. Because he has no Twitter.


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