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Montoya’s Monday Mailbag

Good Monday, fight fans. I’m pointing a loaded bag at you. Inside, you’ll find a lil’ “Joe Calzaghe: After Dark,” Andre Dirrell vs. Arthur Abraham and the disqualification heard round the world, Joan Guzman vs. Ali Funeka and some more. Plus, we have Montoya’s Weekend Fight Picks results. Make it an espresso and enjoy.


Joe ‘C’ indeed…



Did you see this article about Joe C?  Wow.  Just proves my theory.  If a man: (a) does not have to get up in the morning and be somewhere, (b) has nothing to do all day, and no responsibilities and (c), has all the money he possibly needs, along with all the material goods he possibly needs, then he will engage in adolescent, reckless behavior, abetted by copious use of alcohol and chemicals.  Almost without fail.





I guess Joe is out earning his nickname, huh? Look, I’m not here to get on some political soapbox. But I will say that I support Joe’s right to party and enjoy his success. As long as he is in control and not hurting people, go to it, I say. I think it’s hypocritical and totally unfair for this media group to single out a guy, get him in a hotel and start talking drugs and illicit stuff and then print his response. What’s Joe going to say? What’s he not going to say is really the question. I think we’re all fooling ourselves if we don’t admit that these guys party, love women, and have some sh*t to talk about each other. Don’t you? (I mean that rhetorically, Louis. I don’t know you, but I can tell you like to party).  


Joe hasn’t blown all his cash; he hasn’t alleged beat his wife/girlfriend/significant other. He hasn’t started an illegal war or sold arms to terrorists nor has a healthcare plan he is trying to sell us. He’s an undefeated ex-champ in the prime of his life getting a little crazy, doing everything he couldn’t while he sacrificed his health and a cut loose lifestyle for money, fame and our viewing pleasure.


I’m not condoning illegal drugs in particular, or getting on a legalization soapbox.


 I’m just saying, let’s report responsibly, not entrap people, and focus on what’s important and not the personal lives of guys in the public eye. Isn’t the art enough? Wasn’t the movie or the fight good enough? We have to follow them home, too? This whole thing looks like a total setup. How is that real journalism? Break the story. Don’t make the story and THEN break it. I wish Joe hadn’t apologized.


Honestly, these creeps who did Joe like this probably make tons of cash off their site and then go party with the proceeds. I’d be willing to bet at least five pounds that’s true.


I, for one, simply don’t care what Joe is up to. From the sound of things, he might be fun to grab a drink or two in Vegas with (notice I said “drink”) and I’m sure his female run off is better than my best day of run on. Other than that, unless he’s coming back to fight, I could care less.


As for your recipe for what a man who has everything and time and money will do, well, I say, who among us wouldn’t follow that recipe to the tee? Maybe not drugs or drink, but women? C’mon. Travel? Yes, please. Drinking ‘til dawn surrounded by models in a club or in my room or hotel suite? Umm…is it the line on the left? Cool. Thank you.


I can’t think of a person, man or woman, that I know who wouldn’t indulge themselves, if only for a little while, if they had the time and money to get crazy in an essentially consequence-free environment. Joe didn’t do the whole boxer thing to be anonymous and now he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Do your thing, Joe. If you see Buddha on the road, give him a bump.


I feel the same way about Tiger Woods and that whole fiasco. I didn’t do the “Tiger Watch” like most people. I’ve never been a Tiger guy. Golf just ain’t my bag (Although I’m told I have an incredibly natural golf swing. I almost got a hole in one once. No joke. Second swing in like five or six years and I hit the pole. First swing? The ball went behind me. That’s my golf game in a nutshell).


But hearing what Tiger did and then seeing the fallout, I couldn’t help but think that the media is a bunch of ruthless hypocrites. They love to put a guy up on a pedestal and then knock him off it and go, “See? He’s no better than the rest of us.”


I’d be willing to bet if we investigated some of these guys who hounded Tiger, we’d have a whole slew of wife-cheating, alcohol-abusing up-to-no-goodniks to ride out of town on a Belushi-sized rail.


Why Tiger needed to publicly apologize is beyond me. I don’t care what he did. Apologize to your wife. Apologize to your friends and family. Don’t apologize to me. I never believed he was the Messiah to begin with, so he really had nothing to apologize to me for in the first place.


There are so many other things in life to care about. What Tiger does (or rather, who he did) is none of our concern. What Joe Calzaghe is getting up to now that he retired should be filed likewise. We have a ton of issues to tackle in life and in this sport. What an adult does in his or her spare time is pretty low on that list for me.



Jones/Green Hand Wrap Debacle Gaining or Losing Steam?...

G’day Gabe


Thought this article re Danny Green’s hand wraps would be of interest.  I’ve got to admit the Combat Sports Board of NSW is letting this look bad with their apparent non-response.






It doesn’t look good, does it? This is not exactly an easy story for me to cover, being that you’re one of two guys I know in Australia. But I think it’s a story that has to be followed and taken into account when looking at the upcoming Roy Jones/Bernard Hopkins fight. Say what you want about Jones and where he is in his career, no one deserves to be cheated against. If it’s true, the Combat Sports Board of NSW really needs to get on its game and come clean. Jones is a great fighter and, like any fighter in the sport of boxing, trusted that commission to do right by him and keep him as safe as they can. They allegedly failed on the night in question and now are showing malice or shadiness of a legal manner I don’t know the term for. It smells to high heaven.


I think the whole thing once again opens up the need for an international commission. National is thinking too small. We need a governing body to cover all of the sport. A unified set of world rules instead of what we have now, which are rules that change depending on where you are and how much money you can spread around.


The sport’s corruption is so entrenched, so passed down from the old boy networks to now, that it will be hard to ever get it all into the light, but we have to try.


This weekend, I saw a piece of what a friend called “the most fixed looking fight I have ever seen next to Tyson-Seldon: Steffen Kretschmann vs. Denis Bakhtov.” All fight long, the ref harassed Bakhtov, who was only doing his part to repeat his first-round TKO from the first fight. This friend of mine showed me a forum where a cat translated the German. I won’t quote it ‘cause I can’t verify it but, suffice to say, the scores that favored Kretschmann, who turned and quit in the ninth, seemed to me a sure sign of a fix, given the report of the fight and what I saw with Kretschmann quitting. Two judges had it 80-72 and 78-73 for Kretschmann, with one guy scoring it 75-75. Ultimately the right guy won, but man, what if Kretschmann got to the final bell? What then?


Blood testing, old-ass judges, corruption, payoffs, lying, poor product for pay-per-view prices. These things concern me. How we fix it is anyone’s guess, man. I’ll just keep saying it and pointing it out when I see it or think I see it. You do likewise and we’ll go tandem on this deal.


Poor Andre…

Zup Gabe,

The funny thing is, Dirrell should be 2-0 right now, and that is funny to me. He completely dominated AA through 9 rounds, then Abraham started to come on in the 10th, but way too late. AA was way behind, and had the illegal blow not been thrown, there was still no guarantee that Arthur would have caught a tiring Dirrell. Bottom line, Arthur got desperate and
committed the foul, once Andre could not continue the only possible outcome was a DQ. Some cats on the message board are complaining that AD was faking and that AA’s punch was unintentional, but that’s not even the issue. A foul
is a foul, and if AD cannot continue then its a DQ. Even if it had went to the scorecards (which is not in the rules) AA would have still lost. Cats can call him Andre Gazelle all they want, he is 2-0 in my book. He boxed the pants off of Arthur Abraham, which is better than them falling on their own like in the Taylor fight.

I agree with Kellerman’s rant about fighters coming in overweight (except Floyd was only over the contract weight, not the welter limit), and Guzman never intended to make weight, that much is clear. Funeka needed the money, so it is what it is, but Guzman is crap in my eyes. Maidana is a beast, and there is a reason why Ortiz does not want to see him again, and why Khan is ducking him. 27 of his 28 by knockout? Man, that body shot was mean. If Roach did not want Khan to fight him before, I wonder what he thinks now?




Man, I feel terrible for Andre Dirrell. Guy’s in his hometown, basically. He’s making history and fighting his ass off against a guy I picked to beat him. Maybe he’s expended too much energy, but he’s holding his own late, even when he gets knocked down, but bailed out by Lawrence Cole with a non-call. And then Dirrell slips on a beer ad in the corner and gets knocked out by a dirty and desperate Arthur Abraham. The tragedy of the situation is clear.


In football, you can call back a touchdown. In basketball, you can contest the shot and take it off the scoreboard. In boxing, you can’t take back a knockout. Once it happens, a fighter is changed forever. Andre won, but he lost. Who knows what the damage done to him will be? I can’t say enough how sorry I am for him. He’ll never be the same and that’s a damn shame. You can’t punish Arthur Abraham enough for that part of his crime.


I wanted to see how the fight would have ended. Not after he got knocked out, mind you. But had Abraham not thrown a freakin’ incredibly stupid and vicious piece of sh*t of a punch, we’d have gotten a great ending to an amazing fight. Dirrell was putting on a show and Abraham was living up to his promise. He was bringing some serious heat to what I thought was a tiring Dirrell. Could Dirrell finish? Could Abraham finish him? Man, we’ll never know.


Dirrell’s combos, multiple-piston jab and ability to go southpaw to orthodox was awesome. But to me, he’s still a guy who hopes his plan works, as opposed to Abraham, who fights the same way every time with great success.


But to your point about Guzman, Here’s a guy who should apologize. Yeah he won. He countered well, was sharper, had better defense and got a knockdown. But dude didn’t make weight. He failed to live up to his part of the deal and got a win in a fight that shouldn’t have had to happen in the first place. Funeka got jobbed twice here and if I were the IBF, I’d let Funeka keep his damn belt and I’d drop Guzman from its lightweight rankings. He’s a junior welter or a welter now and he needs to admit that to himself and go fight the big boys. Throw him in with Pacquiao. That’s actually not that bad a fight. But for now, screw that guy. He gets no more ink from me until he addresses what he did by moving up in weight officially.


I think HBO should have done whatever they could, along with the promoters of Funeka, to find a replacement. By not making weight by such a wide margin as nine pounds, Guzman gave up his rare chance at a title. Color me a dreamer, but what if we found a lightweight somewhere in the world who could make weight and be ready to take that chance the honorable way as a replacement? How hard would it have been to be prepared with that option? I have some calls to make.


The Measure of a Foul…

Gabe, love your reporting...and I love your integrity.  And I keep asking this question and no one thinks it’s a big _______ deal but it’s a big deal to me!
I see more and more Professional Boxers Measuring and they do not get warned and its TOTALLY ILLEGAL!   It seems like a every single official in the world doesn’t know boxing rules.   I’m really taking Mike Silver’s Arc of Boxing Book to heart more and more.
Just to speak of a recent few:  Vic Darchinyan is a consistently--measuring round after round...Nothing called.  The Klitchko Brothers do it all the time; and almost every round, Vitali commits the foul so flagrantly it’s a completely unfair advantage and tactic.   Andre Ward uses this foul fight after fight.  Floyd Mayweather loves to use this foul.   The list can go on and on.  What baffles me, is that it’s totally obvious and out in the open.   It’s not like hitting on the hip when the ref’s on the other side.   It’s there for everyone to see?    Do not current officials read rule books!   I wanted to bring this to the mail bag in hopes that you would print it and bring the foul back to the public.   It’s an unfair advantage to use this tactic, to blind your opponent without throwing a punch.  It’s bullsh*t!!!!




Dude, you called this two weeks ago or so and you were right then and you’re right now. Measuring has been illegal for years and it’s bothered me that long, too. Lennox Lewis used to do it. Leonard used to do it. Ali did it. A lot of guys do it. Tito did it awesomely against Mayorga. A right measure and then an uppercut along the ropes. Brutal. Thing is, if a ref don’t call it, it’s not a foul. Watch Hagler-Hearns. That fight is a low blow festival. Hagler bullies forward and his head and elbow are involved at a lot of points. It’s a brawl. The ref, Richard Steele, calls Hagler on it but it continues. It’s a fighter’s job to push the limits in every way and let the ref do his job. It’s up the official to catch it and enforce the rules.


Laurence Cole, that pariah of the squared circle, handled the Dirrell/Abraham fight well, except for one huge missed call which was the late knockdown. He called Abraham for measuring and it was awesome. Finally, a ref calls every foul equal. Cole was also quick to break the fighters and was all over Dirrell being knocked out. You don’t need to look at Dirrell to know he wasn’t acting. Look at Cole as he waves in the doctors. Every ref misses something and, ultimately, Cole missing that knockdown didn’t cost anyone the fight. What cost us the fight was the cheap shot artist formerly known as “King” Arthur Abraham. But Cole, he caught the measuring and he stopped it and I have to applaud him for it.


Like Bernard Hopkins says- and I love to quote- “Not everyone drives the speed limit on the freeway.” And it’s true. It’s up the refs to get the job done right across the board. From the stars you mentioned to the amateur ranks. Jab or don’t. Don’t stick your damn hand out there and wait to throw. A blind squirrel could do that. Jab or don’t. I understand the use and need of the tool, but it’s illegal in boxing so don’t do it. And refs? Call ‘em on it.


Good call, man. Keep ‘em coming.


Sponsored by “Oh Sh*t! I Slipped”: Makers of slippery ass canvases…

1. That was about as obvious a concussion as you’ll ever see. For Abraham to not only excuse a flagrant foul but then call the consequences of it "good acting" makes me hope he catches gonorrhea and dysentery simultaneously. Not only that but he’s a bloody hypocrite. Who bitches and moans more about borderline low blows than HIM? "Good acting," what a piece of sh*t. Let’s hope Andre is ok, he could have been seriously hurt.


2. When the hell is someone going to get rid of the slippery logos on the f__ing canvas?! How many times have we seen a logo either potentially alter who wins a decision (via slips being called knockdowns, etc.) and now something like this where the fighter could have a career or life-threatening injury on account of it? Granted, Abraham had no business throwing that shot with Dirrell on his knees, but nevertheless he wouldn’t have been on his knees in the first place had he not slipped on the wet logo, and maybe Abraham wouldn’t have been confused/jumpy on account of the sudden fall to the canvass of his opponent. Only in boxing does such an consistently problematic, potentially dangerous and incredibly stupid aspect of the fight game remain in place indefinitely.


Oh, and once again the inept Laurence Cole gets a high profile fight and proceeds to make flagrantly bad calls. I swear, this night was exemplary of stupidity in boxing.


Chris, Madison, New Jersey


1)  If you’re going to be un-classy and cheap shot a guy, you can’t come back and dog him when you knock his ass out. You just can’t. Anyone could see Dirrell was shakin’ and twitchin’ and unconscious as hell. It was brutal and sad and turned what should have been Andre Dirrell’s or Arthur Abraham’s crowning glory into an anti-climatic tragedy.


The “Super Six” took a huge hit when it looked like a “can’t miss.” Arthur Abraham is now subject to punishment by the commission and those involved in the “Super Six.” Right now, I’m conflicted if he should even be allowed to continue fighting without some sort of suspension. If Antonio Margarito lost his license for a year because he attempted to cheat or his trainer did or whatever you believe, then this guy who did cheat, who saw it, looked at it, then hit a man when he was down and looking away, should probably lose his license for at least a year. Yeah, it jacks up the tournament, but like anyone in boxing, no fighter is more important than the sport. Not one.


It was just a horrible display all around for Arthur Abraham. I picked him to get to the finals. I believed in the guy. I could understand if he said afterwards, “Look. I was desperate. I thought I had him going and I got excited and overzealous. I accept my wrong, take my punishment and my defeat and will do whatever the commission deems just.” Cool. I’m good with it. I’m not a professional fighter, but I can try to understand where Abe was coming from. But he didn’t say anything I wanted to hear.


Ugly Abe. Ugly.


2) Dude, great point. I had another cat mention that tonight as well and I gotta say I agree. In baseball, they have that digital advertising behind home plate. Why not do that in boxing? It’s just for the TV anyways. That and photo ops, I guess. But other than that, what good does the advertising do for the fight?


Canvas. Canvas. You’re dodging and slipping. Canvas. Canvas. SLIPPERY! I don’t understand why a fighter has to worry about that, too.  I can’t see the advertising from where I sit. I get a nice, like, seventh row look counting ringside and the HBO crew and maybe one row of press. So, like, fifth row, kinda. And yeah, I can’t see the logos. The people who can are squinting to see the fight or close enough to be staring at the ring card girls who are also covered in the logo. All the adverts do in the ring is get wet and sweaty and then all slippery and then someone either slips and gets vulnerable or falls down and knocked out.


When did “And you will fight on a slippery-ass canvas” become a rule? I’m all for selling your product but, damn, man, do you have to ruin the game to do it? Like the girl wearing “Product” across her ass or elsewhere didn’t tell me this fight is sponsored by “Product.” Believe me, that’s all the subliminal messaging I need to consume whatever you’re selling. If I think about a nice ass and a great rack every time I see your beer, odds are I’m going to say it first when the bartender gives me the nod. Point is, marketing people: hypnotize me all you want with tits and ass to sell your product; just don’t endanger the fighters doing it. Deal? Good. Let’s move on. (This one is on my list of questions to ask every promoter this week).


3)  I dug me some Laurence Cole the other night. Partly because I love how he looks like Dudley Do-Right and, mostly, because whenever he is refereeing, any room I am in has an endless supply of Laurence Cole jokes. But he did alright. He can’t get it right all the time though. He’s Laurence Cole. But I thought he called it fair and barring one mistake (therefore known as “The Cole Exception”) was not an issue. I think he could’ve been maybe in better position for the final foul, but that’s quibbling. Leave the man alone. For now.


Montoya’s Weekend Fight Pick Results


In East London, South Africa

Raul Garcia (27-0-1) vs. Nkosinathi Joyi (20-0): Garcia by UD

Actual Result: Joyi wins by UD 12


At York Hall, London, England 

Matthew Hatton (38-4-2) vs. Gianluca Branco (43-2-1): Hatton by UD

Actual Result: Hatton wins by UD 12


At The Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

Arthur Abraham (31-0) vs. Andre Dirrell (18-1): Abraham by MD

Actual Result: Dirrell wins by DQ 11


At The Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV               
Marcos Maidana (27-1) vs. Victor Cayo (24-0): Maidana late KO 

Actual Result: Maidana wins by KO 6


Ali Funeka (30-2-3) vs. Joan Guzman (29-0-1): Funeka late TKO

Actual Result: Guzman wins by SD 12


Daniel Jacobs (18-0) vs. Jose Berrio (20-4): Jacobs by TKO

Actual Result: Jacobs wins by TKO 1


At Polideportivo Vargas, Maiquetia, Venezuela
Anselmo Moreno (28-1-1) vs. Nehomar Cermeno (19-0): Moreno by UD

Actual Result: Moreno wins by SD


Jorge Linares (27-1) vs. Francisco Lorenzo (34-7): Linares by TKO late

Actual Result: Linares wins by MD 10


At Casino Rama, Ontario, Canada

Steve Molitor (31-1) vs. Takalani Ndlovu (30-5): Molitor by TKO

Actual Result: Molitor wins by UD 12


At The Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Germany
Yuriorkis Gamboa (17-0) vs. Jonathan Barros (28-0-1): Gamboa by TKO

Actual Result: Gamboa wins by UD 12


At The Monterrey Arena, Monterrey, Mexico

Erik Morales (48-6) vs. Jose Alfaro (23-5): Morales, for old time’s sake, by UD

Actual Result: Morales wins by UD 12


Hugo Garay (32-4) vs. Chris Henry (24-2): Henry by UD

Actual Result: Henry wins by TKO 1


At Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan
Koki Kameda (22-0) vs. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (74-3-1): Kameda by TKO

Actual Result: Wonjongkam win by UD 12


The Running Total:

Right: 75

Wrong: 12



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