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Miguel Berchelt: "I come to get what is mine"

By Anson Wainwright

Over the years Mexico has produced more than it’s share of exciting fighters, champions and legends, the hunt is constantly on to find the next star. This weekend on the undercard of the highly anticipated Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado rematch one of the valuable slots was given to Miguel Berchelt, an up and coming 21 year old who‘s been incredibly busy in his two year pro career to date going 17-0(14). Top Rank CEO Bob Arum seems excited to see what Berchelt can do adding “Fernando (Beltran) has been raving about him”. Last time out “Alacran” (Scorpion) made a statement scoring his most impressive win to date when he won the retained his WBC Youth 130 title blitzing then unbeaten Nicaraguan Oliver Flores in just two rounds. Tonight the Cancun native makes his American debut when he meets Carlos Claudio in an 8 round special attraction at Super Featherweight.
Anson Wainwright - You fight Carlos Claudio this weekend, could you tell us a little about that fight?


Miguel Berchelt - First of all I’d like to thank Top Rank and giving me this big opportunity and putting me on the undercard. I know I’m fighting a lefty, I know he fought the number one (WBC) contender (Sergio) Thompson in my division. I know I’m fighting someone good, I’m just looking forward to it, I’m ready to go and I want to impress North American so I know this is my opportunity to get some type of exposure.
AW - It’s your American debut, what are your thoughts on that?
MB - I hope the like my style, I’m more excited than anything for the opportunity. Hopefully next time I come back to Las Vegas it’ll be in a bigger show and in a bigger opportunity.
AW - In your last fight you beat Oliver Flores, stopping him in two rounds, looking back what can you tell us about that fight?
MB - I took the championship from him, he was undefeated in 23-0-2 (Editors note actually it was his first defence of his WBC Youth Intercontinental Super Featherweight title). Up until this point he is the toughest fight to date. I could have gone either way, but I did what I had to do and I took his belt now its my opportunity and I’m just happy I won. Beating Oliver Flores is definitely the reason I’m here, it’s opened a lot of doors.

AW - What can you tell us about your career to this point?
MB - I have a lot of amateur experience I won national titles in Mexico, I won the gold medal, silver, bronze, I fought all through Mexico. I’ve been a professional for 2 years, I have an extensive amateur career and a lot of medals I have won. Now I’m 17-0. As a professional I have fought in a lot of city’s in Mexico.
AW - Who are the key members of your team?
MB - My trainer is Roman Acosta, I have a Strength and conditioner Enrique Rico & my promoter & manager is Mario Abraham of Max Boxing, I am also with Zanfer now.
AW - You’re from Cancun, it’s not known so much for boxing as more of a party town.
MB - Cancun there are plenty of party’s, spring break! Haha but you know what I concentrated on what I wanted to do, when I got into boxing I concentrated on it. Growing up I loved being at the beach, I’m a beach boy, playing in the water, playing soccer, at 15 I started boxing, the last 3 years I’ve been living in Merida, (I’ve only been boxing for) 6 years even though it’s young in a boxing career, I’m looking forward to what’s coming.
AW - Were things tough for you growing up?
MB - No I didn’t have trouble growing up, I got around easy. I grew up happy. People from outside Mexico aren’t familiar to how it is in Mexico, people have different lives. I had a pretty good life.
AW - How did you first become interested in boxing?
MB - I was going to go into the third division of Mexican Professional soccer but a friend introduced me to boxing as a hobby, just to stay in shape for fun and I liked it and I stuck to It and now I’m here.
AW - What do you enjoy doing away from boxing?
MB - I like to play on the beach, music, like Hip Hop, Mexican music, all types, that what I like to do.
AW - Who is your boxing hero?
MB - Sugar Ray Leonard & Juan Manuel Marquez.
AW - Finally do you have a message for the Super Featherweight division?
MB - I come to get what is mine and I just tell everybody in the Super Featherweight division watch out because Miguel is in Las Vegas and from here you never know where I’ll go so watch out!

Questions and or comments can be sent to Anson at and you can follow him at Anson is also a contributor and ratings panelist for The Ring magazine.
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