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Maxboxing’s Pacquiao vs. Clottey Predictions


Compiled by Coyote Duran
(Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank)

Hey, Max-Fans! Tonight is the big Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey WBO welterweight title collision at Cowboys Stadium so Maxboxing (along with special guests from is ready with our official predictions for the main event of “The Event.” Read on!


Steve Kim: Pacquiao KO 10 Clottey. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. I think Manny’s activity and angles overwhelm Clottey late.


German Villasenor: Pac-Man Stops Clottey late. Manny’s overall speed and angles will baffle Clottey for most of the night, a possible cut on Pacquiao is likely due to Clottey’s constant head butting and hard head. Nonetheless, Manny will frustrate Clottey and take his heart away (he has shown flashes of that against Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto) with Manny being just too much for the Ghanaian fighter to a late round TKO win.

Alec Kohut: Pacquiao TKO 9 Clottey. I’m predicting Manny Pacquiao in a ninth-round stoppage. Pacquiao’s superior footwork, speed and ability to land hard punches from every angle will wear Clottey down. Combined with effective counter-punching, Pacquiao will continually inflict punishment on Clottey until the ninth round when referee Rafael Ramos steps in as Pacquiao is landing power shots at will. Clottey will demonstrate his toughness and will try to get inside and neutralize Pacquiao’s speed and footwork advantage, but to no avail, as he will be clearly outclassed.


Angel Rodriguez: War of attrition sees Manny cross the finish line first in patches...barely.


David McConachie: This is a fight I see Manny finding a little bit tougher than his recent encounters. He’s a bit of a phenomenon and does seem to get better and stronger with every fight, so a late round stoppage win for him wouldn’t surprise me. That said, Cotto has never been stopped, despite being in with quality fighters like Miguel Angel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. And that’s the way I see it going with this bout. Pacquiao on points.


Marty Mulcahey: Comparing this duo to hand tools, I would say it this is a hammer versus a machete. Which would you rather be facing? Me too, as well, and I am picking Pacquiao and his machete-like punches to overcome some rough patches to win an exciting decision. This is a bit like the Devon Alexander versus Juan Urango fight last weekend, where the more versatile boxer was able to outfox the superior physical specimen. Plus, “Pac-Man” has a better general in his corner with Freddie Roach. Those who like Clottey can take comfort that he has dealt well with southpaws (Zab Judah and Shamone Alvarez) and power-punchers alike; “Pac-Man” fits both descriptions, so he might be able to cope early. I just do not see Clottey slowing Pacquiao down enough for his predictable punches to take hold or connect regularly. Pacquiao sees the punches coming and looks suitably great countering and leading alike. Pacquiao wins a unanimous decision.


Allan Scotto: Got a hunch...Clottey by late round KO or split decision.


Robert Waterman: The “Pac-Man” in four by KO.


Rish ap William: Clottey KO 1. Within 60 seconds with a left uppercut, in the red corner, with Pacquiao falling in a southwesterly direction.


Gabriel Montoya: I like Manny by decision. For one, while Freddie Roach has intimated a knockout is possible and that he wouldn’t be surprised if Manny gets him out of there through attrition (possible in my opinion), I think Clottey’s defense, chin, and size will wear Manny out a bit and it will look a little like Pacquiao/Cotto in the back end of the fight with Manny moving, moving, and then attacking in spurts.


Coyote Duran: Logic would dictate Pacquiao is the obvious victor in this fight, but these days, nothing is truly obvious in boxing. When Pacquiao’s not busy moving to elude, he’s moving inward like a bouncing freight train. With that movement in mind vs. Clottey’s hard head, I can see an accidental butt happening that will open up Manny, endangering what will be an intriguing match-up with the threat of putting an early end to the fight. If it happens prior to the fourth heat, look for a technical draw. If after the fourth, expect Pacquiao to be leading on the scorecards, winning the decision, should the fight be called to a halt.

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