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Marcos Maidana Proves To Be A Big Problem For Broner

By Jason Pribila

The last major fight card of 2013 took place on Saturday night in San Antonio, TX. In the main event Marcos “Chino” Maidana jumped on Adrien Broner early and punished him throughout their 12 round title bout en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Despite fighting in a huge 24 foot ring, Maidana attacked from the opening bell and trapped Broner against the ropes. He dug body shots and chopping overhand rights and dominated the opening frame. The minute in between rounds was not enough time for Broner to recover, and 20 seconds into the second round Maidana landed two huge left hands that hurt and dropped Broner for the first time in his career.

Broner somehow survived the round and made it back to his stool. Once there he tried to calm down his frantic corner by telling them to, “Chill the eff out.”

Broner has never denied the fact that he tried to model his boxing career after his “big bro” Floyd Mayweather Jr. In order to do so, he would have to survive six one-sided minutes like Mayweather did when he faced Shane Mosley.

Marcos Maidana (Right) lands on Adrien Broner
Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME

Broner steadied himself in the third round. He was elusive, and finally had the chance to fight on his front foot. He used a quick jab that forced Maidana to continually reset before attacking again.

Maidana was not throwing nearly as many punches, but Broner did not take advantage. And even though Broner seemed to see most of Maidana’s punches coming, the Argentine still landed enough clean punches that the judges could not miss.

The fighters fought on even terms during the middle rounds. Broner would land single punches, but danger was ever present as Maidana continued to throw punches with bad intentions.

Maidana regained momentum during an eighth round that will go down as one of the most memorable of 2013. Maidana seemed to be a bit arm weary, but he woke up when Broner stung him with a big right hand. Maidana responded with a three punch combination that ended with a left hand that resulted in his second knockdown of the fight.

Broner rose and action resumed despite Broner not yet having his legs underneath him. Chino moved in to close the show, but Broner tied up both his arms as his back rested against the ropes. A frustrated Maidana pried his head under Broner’s chin in an attempt to get his arms free. Referee Laurence Cole stepped in to separate the fighters. Broner saw this as a loophole, and he fell to the canvas looking to get Maidana disqualified. Cole took a point from Maidana, but ordered the fight to continue.

The fight continued, as did Maidana’s power punching. He did damage against the ropes to Broner’s body, and when he had separation he landed straight right hands that shook Broner.

Broner’s corner told him that he needed a knockout heading into round eleven, but he did not land a damaging blow until after the bell rang to end the round. Maidana was hurt, and he walked to the neutral corner to have the ringside physician examine him.

Trainer Robert Garcia petitioned Cole to take a point for the illegal blow, but it fell on deaf ears. Garcia instead focused on getting his fighter motivated to put it all on the line for three more minutes to secure the biggest win of his career.

Broner bought some extra time when the final round was delayed as he had tape replaced on his glove. The extra time may have helped Maidana even more, as he was clearly still shook from the left hand he took after the bell.

The fighters traded, and Maidana landed enough punches during the two way action to ensure that he would end the fight on his feet.

Also check out some SHOWTIME video highlights of the fight:
Watch Boxing Video Replay: Maidana knocks down Broner

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