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Lemieux vs. Stevens - Don't expect dancing


By Allan Cerf

It’s Quebec’s David Lemieux vs. New York’s Curtis “The Cerebral Assassin” Stevens, Saturday, March 11 in New York on HBO Boxing After Dark, live from Turning Stone Resort, Verona New York.


Background: Two of the better middleweights – yet a long way from the top, square off in what should be a true back and forth slugfest – with a little science thrown in for good measure.  I’d say the ratio will be 80/20 in favor of slugging. 


Lemieux and Stevens both suffered TKO loses to GGG and to these eyes, Stevens looked better vs. the Kazakh than did Lemieux.  It’s strange to measure fighters worth based on a common victor – but there you have it. Both showed huge guts in hanging in there vs. Golovkin’s ‘Truth-O-Meter.’ Both played good defense against the 3-G monster, both had some success with return fire – especially Stevens – but for all that, both ended their evenings prematurely with horrendous wounds and the knowledge of just how far the distance from top contender and “The Top.”


Scorecards: (Speed, Power, Defense, Reach, Age, Stamina, Experience)


Lemieux: C+ B, B B, B B, B- (Average of all) B-      


Stevens B, B C+, B, C, C+ C+ (Average of all) C+


Reality Check: Neither has had great opposition; Steven’s opponents in particular are particularly poor – excepting Golovkin.  WHY? 


Is that that his all-round athleticism was too risky for other rising boxers, circa 2004?  Was he or management content with mediocre opponents? The murk of the sinister side of boxing envelopes Stevens like a shroud.  Turns out it was management and promotional issues that forced Curtis out of boxing for 2 years of his prime – against his will.  Newsflash!  Lemieux was embroiled in a multi-million dollar lawsuit with his management not long ago. 


Again - boxing eats its own.


Both are more brawler than boxer (though both can box and play defense) and the time is always ‘NOW.’  Brawlers have a short shelf-life. 

I’m expecting a tremendously entertaining fight, with Steven’s advantage in speed matched by Lemieux’s slight power advantage.  I consider Lemieux to have less wear and tear, though both will have collected a lot more at the conclusion. 


What would disappoint most fans is if the pair, after tangling for a couple of rounds, set their sights on the full 12 and box.  With the fight in New York, New Yorker Stevens might have an unfair advantage. 


Personal: Curtis Stevens – Once again, I owe it to Curtis to set this right.  Since he started fighting at age 5. I have to assume that’s been his over-whelming interest.


Personal: – David Lemieux likes a simple life, he says. His hobby is international travel. He does like nightlife but not nightclubs and does not drink.  A miscreant straightened out by boxing, Lemieux has a gift with languages and speaks five fluently. Given his movie-star looks and friendly personality, careers in modeling and movies are frequently mentioned. 


Fight and Prediction: Lemieux TKO 11.




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