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Hopkins, Quillin, and Wilder Win at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall

(Image by icheehuahua, MaxBoxing)
(Image by icheehuahua, MaxBoxing)

By Ken Hissner at ringside for Doghouse Boxing & Max Boxing.
(NOTE: This report was filed direct from ringside and will be replaced with an edited version shortly.)

IBF light heavyweight champion Bernard “the Alien” Hopkins, 54-6-2 (32), of Philly, retained his title with a lopsided win over Karo Murat, 25-2-1 (15), of Berlin, GER, over 12 rounds at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall Saturday night. It was a Golden Boy Production on Showtime. Hopkins put on one of his most exciting showings in years!

In the first Murat concentrating on mid-section of Hopkins as the latter slips anything thrown serious. In the second Hopkins gets busier and near the end lands a punch to ribs that Murat claims was a foul and hurt him.


In the third Hopkins lands several lead rights on the button. Murat gets Hopkins in several headlocks and receives a warning between rounds by referee Steve Smoger. In the fourth Hopkins took Murat to school with a solid jab and numerous lead rights to the chin. In the fifth Hopkins landed several uppercuts with the right and a follow-up right. At one point he stuck his tongue out at Murat. At the end of the round Hopkins landed 4 chopping rights while being held by Murat.

In the sixth Hopkins slipped to the canvas and Murat landed 2 punches while he was down and received a warning from referee Smoger. Hopkins has Murat frustrated with his slipping punches and countering well. Hopkins drives Murat to the ropes in the seventh landing half a dozen punches. Murat hits on the break and referee Smoger takes away a point. Hopkins has the crowd on their feet out punching Murat. Could the end be near?

Lead rights by Hopkins rock Murat on several occasions. As Murat puts Hopkins in headlock he gets hit by 7 left hands. Murat is cut by the left eye as the fans go wild with Hopkins taunting Murat while talking to the cameraman in Murat’s corner. One of the best exchanges of the fight happened just before the bell. In the tenth Murat is slowing down by not giving up as Hopkins is schooling him.

In the eleventh they exchange half a dozen punches. The cut seems to be starting to bother Murat as he paws at it. Murat is taking a licking and lands one after the bell. Referee Smoger shows why he is Hall of Fame bound by handling the fight to perfection knowing when and how to handle this fight.

In the twelfth and final round as the fans yell “B-Hop” Hopkins turns up the heat. Murat’s face is full of blood. Hopkins almost has Murat out but the challenger hangs in there even trying to butt Hopkins at the bell out of frustration as referee Smoger pushes Murat to the corner. It was a night Hopkins seemed to be getting YOUNGER with each round! Benoit Rousell had it 117-110,Joe Pasquale and Julie Lederman had it 119-108 all for the champion Hopkins.

Hopkins vs. Murat Punch Stats

WBO middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, 30-0 (22) of Brooklyn, NY, retained his title when a cut stopped the bout in the tenth at 0:40 infuriating the crowd. “King” Gabriel Rosado, 21-7 (13), of Philly was into the fight which was very close. Rosado lands several rights and Quillin lands combinations. In the second Quillin landed a left hook in the final minute dropping Rosado who was up quickly and didn’t seem hurt. In the third the action picked-up. The best punch of the round was a left hook from Quillin on the money near the end of the round.

In the fourth Rosado landed a strong right hand to the head of Quillin and followed up just before the bell. In the fifth Rosado landed another good right while Quillin countered with a left hook. In the sixth Rosado landed a straight right and Quillin countered with left hook. Rosado walked right into a left hook. He continues to paw the jab instead of snapping it. Quillin counters and Rosado drives Quillin to the corner at the bell.

In the seventh Rosado lands a combination and a follow-up right upper cut. He drives Quillin to the ropes. Rosado walks into a right hand by Quillin. A pair of combo’s by Quillin land. The inside battle begins with Quillin against the ropes. In the eighth Rosado lands a right and Quillin counters with a right of his own. Rosado continues to be the aggressor.

In the ninth Rosado’s jab finally becomes a factor followed up by a good right hand he hurts Quillin. Rosado suffers a cut under the left eye brow. In the tenth an overhand right by Quillin re-opens the cut under the left eye brow. The referee Alan Huggins brought the doctor in who after examining the cut stops it. It does not look that serious and Rosado and the fans let the doctor know they are upset with the stoppage. DHB had it 86-84 Quillin after 9 rounds. Judge Waleska Roldan had it 89-81, Ron McNair 87-83 and somehow Kason Cheeks 90-80 all for Quillin.

The fans continue to boo the stoppage while Quillin is being interviewed. Rosado asked for a re-match and deserves one before another Quillin defense.

Heavyweight Olympic Bronze medalist Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder, 30-0 (30), of Tuscaloosa, AL, stopped Nicolai “Stone Man” Firtha, 21-11-1 (8), of Akron, OH, at 1:25 of the 4th round. In the opening round Firtha rushed Wilder knocking him back with a jab. It was down hill from there. A Wilder jab dropped Firtha. A right hand dropped him again. Nose bleeding Firtha lasted out the round. In the second Wilder used his jab to good use. Firtha got through round on heart alone.

In the third Wilder landed a good left hook to the chin but his wide swinging right misses the target more than it lands. In the fourth Wilder’s right hand finally finds the target on the chin of Firtha who goes down like a ton of bricks. Referee Lindsay Page waved it off while Firtha was trying to get to his feet. It was Wilder’s 30th straight stoppage in as many fights. Olympic Gold medalist Mark Breland was in the Wilder corner.

Debuting junior welterweight Dominican and Olympian Wellington “Arias” Romero, 1-0 (0), defeated Victor Galindo, 1-3 (0), of Sabana Grande, PR, over 4 rounds. The southpaw Wellington boxed Galindo for the first 2 rounds with much success. In the third Romero opened up and Galindo landed a combination of his own but spent the rest of the round being counter punched as he came forward. It was more of the same in the fourth and final round as Romero had his way as the gutsy Galindo kept coming. All 3 judges scored it 40-36 for Romero. David Fields was the referee.

Light welterweight Zachary Ochoa, 5-0 (3), of Brooklyn, NY defeated Michael J. Doyle, 2-6 (3), of Prichard, AL, over 4 rounds. Doyle rushed in on the taller Ochoa landing a good left hook to the chin to start the round. Ochoa landed a right to the head in the third and backed off. The punch stat man fell asleep halfway through. Ricardo Vera was the referee. Hilton Whitaker had it 40-36 while Larry Lathan and John McKaie had it 39-37 all for Ochoa. A draw was warranted due to the lack of action on the part of both.

Returning to the ring after his first loss Braullo Santos, 11-1 (10), of Carolina, PR, stopped David “Thunder” Clark, 6-3 (4), of San Diego, CA. Clark landed the first punch a right hand to the head. A right hand missed but a left hook by Santos landed and down went Clark. Referee David Fields waved it off after Clark beat the count at 1:49 of the 1st round. It was scheduled for 8 at featherweight.

In the opening bout Dominic “Lights Out” Wade, 12-0 (10), of Largo, MD, landed a left hook and down went Roberto “Sugar” Ventura, 12-8 (12), of Tabasco, MEX. He got up and a left hook dropped him again. One more time a right hand and down he went. Why do these out of town promoters not use the locals on the under card and wonder why there are so many empty seats? Ventura didn’t have a snow balls chance against Wade. Referee Ricardo Vera waved it off at 2:08 of the 1st. It was scheduled for 8 at super middleweight.

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