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Harry Simon returns

Harry Simon

International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/AFRICA) DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – WEDNESDAY 29 MAY, 2013 -The Namibian absolute boxing maestro and the man who single handedly established and developed professional boxing in Namibia for years with unblemished boxing record is set for a major come back for his major "IBF International Light Heavyweight Title" in July 27, 2013.

Harry Simon “Terminator” (27 (KO 20) + lost 0) who usually torments his opponents across the globe would make a huge come back with a warming up international non title bout on June 29th, 2013 at the "Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casinos". Simon will clash with the Hungarian slugger Zoltan Kiss Jr.  (28(12)-14(13)-3) who will be in the live or die fight for his dear life against the man who has yet to lose a single fight in the ring.

Students in both schools and colleges across Namibia have been sending letters of love, compassion and support for Harry Simon in his pursuit to cleanse his lackluster stay outside the ring for almost three years. Letters of love, compassion and support have reached several radio and television stations in Namibia wishing him all the best for his next outing in June 29, 2013.   

Harry Simon “Terminator” is larger than life in Namibian boxing fraternity and it is only natural for him to walk head high considering that there is no single boxer alive who can claim to have beaten him. His simple mannerism arguer well with most people in Africa, south of Sahara majority of who are ready to sell their chickens and goats to buy their way to his tournaments.  

The tournament will be promoted by Kinda Boxing Promotion a company managed by Kinda Nangolo who identifies himself within Namibian social circle as calm and focused boxing entrepreneur. Kinda is well vested with boxing interests and he know quite a lot about boxing as a professional sport.  

Windhoek Country Club and Casinos the venue where this great rumble will take place has become a landmark for a warm and hospitable venue for social gathering welcoming patrons from all walks of life. This is where "Hurricane Harry" will meet his Hungarian opponent on June 29th and prove beyond doubt  that he is ready to claim his place within the IBF family of titles!

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