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Granados Expects Busy 2013 after Canas Fight


By Matthew Paras

Chicago junior welterweight prospect Adrian Granados returns to his hometown of Cicero tonight to face fellow Chicagoan Antonio Canas.
For Granados, it will be the third time he will step into the ring in 2012. However, the 23-year old has not fought since his win over Ramon Guevara in April. The time off has been one of the longest stretches of inactivity for Granados’ career.
“At first, I was a little nervous [about the time off].” Granados said. “The first two weeks were a little tough but once I got back into the moment, it’s just like where things left off.”
Granados’ return fight will have him matching up against Antonio Canas, 6-0-1 (3). Granados, 9-1-1 (6) (according to FightFax), and Canas are quite familiar with each other and have been put on two of the same cards in Chicago. Both fighters have built a local following that is expected to turn out at Cicero Stadium.

“I feel it’s a good match-up,” Granados said. “He’s a tough guy. He’s got a very aggressive style and he’s just kind of keeps on coming. I don’t shy away from a gunfight either and not only that, I’ll be able to display some good boxing skills in the fight.”
As for fighting in his hometown, Granados said he was very excited. “It was funny. I used to always go to Cicero Stadium when they used to put on all those [Telefutura] ‘Solo Boxeo’ shows as an amateur,” he said. “I would always pretend that’d it be awesome if I was the main event. Now they’re here to see me. It’s kind of surreal that it’s actually happening now.”
If Granados wins the fight, he’s eyeing an active 2013. Granados told Maxboxing he would like to five or six times in the following year. Granados even quit his regular day job of working at a bank to focus solely on his boxing career.
Besides staying active, Granados mentioned he would like to fight the numerous junior welterweight prospects such as Jose Benavidez Jr. and Jessie Vargas and get a rematch with Frankie Gomez. Granados fought Gomez in August 2011 and lost a close majority decision in which he was knocked down in round three.
“I’ve evolved a lot since [the Gomez] fight,” Granados said. “The training has really struck me now. I make smarter decisions as far who’s handling me and as far as a fighter, I’ve learned a lot from that fight.”
“I know probably down the line, I’ll have to fight any of those three if I want to make it anywhere in boxing. I’m definitely looking at a Frankie Gomez rematch,” he added.
For now, Granados’ focus is on Canas. In February, Granados squared off against fellow Chicago prospect Jaime Herrera in a toe-to-toe fight. Granados, who beat Herrera by unanimous decision, said his experience in that fight has made him more prepared.
“Canas has a good following and a lot of people believe in him,” he said. “Usually a lot of times when Chicago prospects are brought up, he’s one of the first names to drop. I know a lot of people are putting their faith in him.”
“It will be good for the both of us and hopefully the winner will come out on top.”
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