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Golovkin’s Immediate Future


In the last 12 months, WBA middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin has been as active as any world-class boxer. From last September to now, he has notched four impressive victories (three of them coming in 2013). The goal was to fight five times this year and it looks like Team Golovkin will be able to achieve that.
“Right now, after his last performance against Matthew Macklin [on June 29th], we still have another date on HBO before the end of the year. But we’re definitely looking to have two more fights before the end of 2013,” said Tom Loeffler, the managing director of K2 Promotions.
Golovkin could be returning to the Theater at Madison Square Garden on November 2nd.

“That’s the way it looks right now,” confirmed Loeffler on Thursday afternoon. “That’s the date that’s reserved and the Garden’s been very supportive of Gennady and he likes fighting in the media capital of the world.”
Loeffler didn’t want to really discuss what would be Golovkin’s final fight of 2013, wanting to instead focus on what’s in front of them. So with that said, who will step up to the plate to face Golovkin in November? Martin Murray, who gave Sergio Martinez all he could handle in Argentina back in April, has been mentioned. But is that realistic?
“It’s realistic from our side. Gennady would certainly fight Martin Murray. In fact, we made an offer to Murray to fight. It’s just that we’d have to face him outside the United States because of his visa issues. But it doesn’t seem like there’s been a lot of interest in following up that performance with Sergio Martinez.”
Another issue is that HBO would prefer that match-up to take place in the States, where it can be broadcast live in prime time.
A guy who might make sense in New York is Curtis Stevens, who hails from Brooklyn and fights next week on NBC Sports Network versus Saul Roman.
“I’ve heard Curtis Stevens calling out Gennady. A lot of people like to call him out but when it comes to actually sitting down at the table and agreeing to a fight, that’s a whole different story,” says Loeffler.
But one thing is clear; Golovkin has built some palpable momentum in 2013 with his exciting style and sheer activity. He has clearly become a part of HBO’s foundation moving forward.
“Absolutely,” said Loeffler. “If you think about it, it’s less than a year since his fight against [Grzegorz] Proksa. That was September 1st and so that’s four title fights and within 10 months, it’s like night and day. Gennady’s become one of the most talked-about fighters in boxing and really the most anticipated where people really want to see what his next fight’s going to be. The fight against Macklin, people had some criticism before about [Golovkin]’s never fought a solid middleweight or something like that. With the way he dismantled Macklin  - and we have a lot of respect for Macklin  - but even he said Gennady’s the best fighter he’s ever fought, bar none.
“It wasn’t even a comparison. So after that performance, his HBO ratings went through the roof. He had the highest rated “2 Days” special [on HBO]. The aura that we got on Gennady is something we’re excited about and we’re looking forward to his next fight.
Asked when that will be wrapped up, Loeffler stated, “I’ve been in discussion with HBO. We should have something concrete, I’d say, within the next two weeks.”
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