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Fury victorious in comeback fight

By Allan Cerf

Round 1: Crazed antics like something from Max Baer in the 30’s. Fury raising his hands and looking out at the crowd. Two punches landed by Fury on the bell, hence his round. Again – a circus – not yet a proper prize fight. I don’t like the twenty quid of body fat on the Gypsy King. Fury round 10-9


Round 2: A huge fight in the crowd and Fury stops watching his opponent on and off for a good 15 seconds to watch the crowd fight. Even round 10-10.


Round 3: Fury round. The trouble here is that Tyson doesn’t appear to want to hurt his diminutive opponent which makes this less than sparring – only an exhibition. Finally– some real blows, all Fury’s and his round, 10-9. Sidebar: British referees used to be among the best but increasingly are among the worst. This fellow is a talker. If you were a Tory you’d say this referee is a Blairite activist. He’s stopped the action for over 10 seconds, twice, to admonish Fury for nothing.


Round 4: Some real boxing, thank God. Seferi is simply put, no good. Fury’s amazing quickness remains but I question his interest in the sport.


Seferi retires for no reason at all. No injuries, no heavy punches landed, no nothing. He bottled it – as they say in England – lost his nerve. It means in Britain, to wax gutless. Seferi should never be licensed to fight again worst case, or a year’s suspension - best. Some kind of punishment has to levelled against him. Crowd booing in the reserved British style.


Take away? The whole thing was terrible other than Fury, who round by round, inch by inch, starting adding more and more violence to turn this into a real fight. However, the referee was terrible. The ‘free’ YouTube color analysts were dreadful and uninformed. Main announcer Adam Smith was perhaps not terrible, but sadly the former boxer doing color commentary had little to offer from a fighter’s perspective and as always, is far too respectful. Hey… it was free.


Fury LOOKS older. He looked tonight, facially, like a man well into his 30’s. He was matched SO light it’s impossible to take anything meaningful away from this farce, pro, con, neutral. Fury had better get back in the gym and stay there.


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