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Findley’s Win over Jimenez Changed to a No-Decision

By Matthew Paras

Derrick Findley’s upset win over Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez on September 13 has been changed to a no-decision after Findley tested positive for a banned substance, Maxboxing confirmed.

Originally, Findley, 20-11-1 (13), came away with a seventh round stoppage over the undefeated Jimenez. Findley tested positive for a Tylenol 3, a banned substance that contains codeine and is considered a painkiller.
FightNews first reported the news on Thursday. Findley was suspended 45 days and is subject to a fine by the Indiana State Athletic Commission.
“I think [the fight being changed to a no-decision] is a load of crap,” Findley said. “Before I fought [Jimenez], I fought a dude named Gliberto Ramirez Sanchez and I’m not going to lie - he kicked my butt. He hit me with a right hook and he broke my tooth. I was having real bad toothaches because of the punch.
“I wound up being prescribed some Tylenol 3,” he said. “I had no idea it had codeine. I’ll be honest with you; I’ve never heard of anything. I just thought it was something to stop my toothache.”
The way Findley discovered the reversal left a bad taste in his mouth about boxing, he said. Findley was on Facebook and noticed friends of Jimenez boasting how Jimenez was still undefeated. Findley then called the commission to find out he had been suspended.
Findley insists he is not a cheater.
“Tylenol 3 is a downer,” Findley said. “What dumb person would take something that stops a headache and makes you sleepy? What person would do that and think that enhances your performance in the ring?”
Jimenez himself wouldn’t go as far as saying Findley cheated but was shocked when he found out his opponent tested positive for the banned substance.
“He took something and that’s the whole point,” Jimenez said. “You have got to be smarter than that going into a fight where you know you’re going to be drug tested. You can’t be taking anything or any type of medication because you don’t know what’s going to pop up.”
Still, Jimenez said, even with the “0” returning, it doesn’t change the fact he got beat up during his fight with Findley.

“I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the job done that night,” Jimenez said. “At the end of the day, the fight still happened. I still lost. I took some big punches in there and got beat up a little bit. At the end of the day, I took it all the same.”
Findley’s suspension was upheld in the appeals process. The 29-year-old boxer said he was upset with the way it was handled, telling Maxboxing that the commission wanted proof of a doctor’s prescription and to supply a doctor’s note.
When contacted, Director of the Athletic Division of the Indiana Gaming Commission, Andy Means said in an email that “the documentation [Findley] submitted was insufficient.”
“I feel like people are trying to protect this ‘Hollywood’ dude,” Findley said. “I don’t even believe the fact that they found codeine in my pee. It wouldn’t have mattered if the right dude had won that night. The right guy didn’t win that night and that’s the problem.”
“Mr. Findley’s comment regarding the decision shouldn’t warrant a response,” Means said. “By rule, if a boxer wins a bout but then tests positive for prohibited drugs, the bout is changed to a no-decision. It has nothing to do with who the opponent is.”
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