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East Coast Report: Bright Future for DC, and More Horrible Judging

It’s become a pattern, every weekend with more than one decent boxing card, is another weekend of what only can be considered corrupt scoring. But for now let’s start off with something positive: boxing in Washington DC.


Peterson Punches His Way Into 140 Pound Mix, Great DC Crowd, Keystone Promotions Keeping Busy


Everything is coming together to make Washington DC a real fight town for next few years, if not longer. Last Friday a very respectable size crowd was in attendance at the DC armory for Lamont Peterson’s return, after testing positive for synthetic testosterone. Peterson did what he had to do to again be relevant among the top junior welterweights. And now there is very serious talk of a Peterson vs. Matthysse, and Alexander vs. Brook card being held in Washington DC.

While I believe this card would find a supportive home in DC, I’ve learned not to get my hometown hopes up until the contract is done. After all, it’s not unheard of for a promoter to show great interest in one city, to use as bargaining power against another city. (Note: the other city is Atlantic City with their casino money.)


But whether or not DC lands that card or not, things are looking up for the boxing scene in the Nation’s capital. The reason is twofold: plenty of very impressive young pros, and Keystone Boxing Promotions. While the area’s most decorated amateurs are making the transition to the pros, Keystone Boxing, led by Gene and Ross Molovinsky,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is putting on a solid show about once a month. The shows are not over-priced, and are giving young talent a chance to stay busy, and build a strong local following.


This Saturday, March 2nd is their next show, at Rosecroft Raceway, right off the Beltway. Tickets start at $40, ringside is $55.


The talent they are putting on their cards deserves attention, this show will feature the professional debut of 2011 National Golden Gloves Champion Michael Reed. Reed is one of four highly DC decorated amateurs to recently turn pro. In addition to Reed, there’s Jerry Odom, also on Saturday’s card, D’Mitrius Ballard and Antoine Douglas. Those are four names everyone should include in their BoxRec “Watch List.”


But Keystone is also serving as a platform for developing young pros such as Alantez Fox, headlining Saturday’s card, Kevin Rivers, and Dusty Harrison.


But back to Peterson. In his stoppage of Kendall Holt, Peterson accomplished one huge feat, he made boxing fans want to see him again, and against some of the top 140 pounders.  It seems boxing fans will get that sooner, rather than later, as the date for the Peterson-Matthysse match up is now set for May 18th.


Personally I’d like to see Peterson schedule one tune-up before the Matthysse fight, to work on starting faster and not giving up the first three rounds. But having recently signed with Golden Boy, don’t expect what might be smart for a fighter’s career to be any concern.


Main Events: Two NBC Network Cards, Two Horrendous Decisions


I’m getting really fed up with all the excuses being made for lousy scoring in boxing. When NBC featured boxing for the first time in years on their flagship station, the event was spoiled by the judges somehow anointing Tomasz Adamek the winner over Steve Cunningham in a decision that made a mockery of the sport.


Unfortunately nothing has changed since that card, and Main Event’s latest televised card on the NBC Sports Network served up another bullshit decision in the “draw” between Malik Scott and Vyacheslav Glazkov. I am very biased toward the more aggressive fighter, and I do not like the style of fighters like Malik Scott. But even with my bias, I was unable to give Glazkov any more than three rounds. I don’t think Scott has any future in the heavyweight division. However, he won that fight, no question.


I did not encounter a single person watching the fight, live or on TV that had Glazkov anywhere close to a draw, that is except two judges at ringside. There is a problem in boxing, more on that in a minute.


Long Island’s Chris Algieri made the most of his national television debut. He fought in a way that definitely makes fight fans want to see him again. Throws lots of punches, and takes his fair share of hard shots in return. This was great fight for Algieri, if, and only if he realizes that he must change, or will be demolished by better and more experienced fighters.


Despite the praise heaped on Jose Peralta by the NBCSN crew, he’s really not very good. He’s built an impressive record against nothing more than club fighters. But that doesn’t mean Algieri has no future, actually quite the opposite. This was a great development fight in that Algieri’s weaknesses were shown, without a big chance he’d lose. This is the kind of fight all prospects need. Now it’s up to Algieri and his team to actually develop from what they learned.


….And Back to Horrible Scoring


Just before the sores were read in the J’Leon Love vs. Derrick Findley fight I tweeted that at least one judge would give Love nine rounds. A few people scoffed at my prediction. But no one scoffed, when the first card was read: 100-90. The next two read 99-91 each.


And like clockwork it didn’t take the idiots in the boxing media to state something to the effect of: “Well, at least they got the winner right.” Really? So we’ll accept corruption or incompetence as long the scores are horrendous in the right direction?


But that’s how the boxing media are, they give more ink to a childish “Twitter war,” between Brandon Rios and Adrien Broner, than they do over corrupt scoring and PED use in boxing. And yes, more dumbass boxing fans care more about said Twitter war than the integrity of the sport.


Boxing has reduced itself to a niche sport of hardcore fans that really believe stupidity like Roy Jones tested positive for PEDs because he was drinking Ripped Fuel, and it is always just an honest mistake when Texas fails to administer post-fight drug tests.


To be continued…

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