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Darnell “The Deezol” Boone: The man who refuses to stay down


By John J. Raspanti

In his 15 years as a professional fighter, Darnell Boone has been labeled a journeyman by some, and a gatekeeper by others.

He’s also a spoiler, having ended the unbeaten winning streaks of boxers Chris Archer, James Countryman, James Johnson, and a guy named Adonis Stevenson, who just happens to be reigning WBC light heavyweight champion.

Boone, 35, is also the only man to knock undefeated super middleweight champion, Andre Ward, to the canvas. Ward got up to win, but he knew he had been in a battle. Boone has lost more fights (21) than he’s won (20).

A closer look at his record discloses four draws. It also reveals a fighter who could easily be nicknamed "Road Warrior"
Boone doesn’t toil in a home arena. He travels to his opponents’ turf, usually on short notice. Boone’s career seems attuned to the theme-don’t quit.

“The greats never gave up,” Boone told this writer via email a few weeks ago. “Guys like George Foreman, Glen Johnson, Evander Holyfield, and Freddie Pendelton. “They all had the same fire and desire, even at an older age.”

Boone has always been an able fighter. He joined the pro ranks after only 10 amateur contests. But he believes he’s wasted his ability.

“I haven’t given my career my best shot,” Boone said. “The people who guided me felt that I did. But what do they know? Personally, I think I have a lot more room to grow as a fighter. I feel I’m getting better each fight.

“I got as good as I am from being thrown into fights. They (his opponents) thought of me as a sparring partner.”

Last month, Boone ventured to Florida and stopped favored Dionisio Miranda. In 2013, he was in Virginia, challenging undefeated Morgan Fitch. The fight was called a draw, though most onlookers felt that Boone deserved the verdict.

Boone has been on the short end of at least a half dozen dubious verdicts, but the Ohio native remains upbeat.

“I’m not bitter about the bad decisions,” said Boone. “With boxing, you always get another chance. What keeps me in good spirits are the dedicated fans and my family.”

Boone displayed the same passion and determination before his fans several years ago as he took to the spotlight in different arena.

My rap career has been going great,” Boone said. “I’m as vicious on a microphone as I am in the ring. I have a project coming out soon. It’s called “The Emotional Overdose” and it touches on the different emotions that make up "The Deezol"," he said.

Boone is hopeful that he’ll be back in the on February 20. Where the fight takes place is anybody’s guess. Boone doesn’t worry about such things. He’s always ready to fight.

He’s hungry to prove the naysayers wrong.


“Some gave up on me,” said Boone. “The wrote me off. In the next few years, I’m going to cause havoc in whatever weight I feel comfortable in. I’m going to keep striving for success. I want my rightful seat in the boxing world.”


Boone is a fighter. He’s also a kind and classy man who’s determined to get more repsect.

Underestimating him could prove to be a big mistake.

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