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Darnell Boone is ready to face anything, even two opponents in two weeks

Darnell Boone
Darnell Boone

By John J. Raspanti


He’s a warrior and survivor in the brutal sport of professional boxing. He’s fought virtually everyone in the junior middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight division. But he has never faced two opponents in successive weeks.


Saturday night, Darnell Boone will be fighting in Mexico. Boone, who could easily be called, “The Road Warrior,” fought there seven years ago. He lost by stoppage in the first round.


“Oh, Man!” Boone said to this writer a couple of weeks ago during an interview on The Ringside Boxing Show. “We were in the middle of the ring in the first round, the guy is swinging and missing, and the first time a punch touches my gloves, they stop the fight," he recalled


Boone has been jobbed many times in the course of his 13-year-career. He’s lost three fights by split decision, one of them to Sergey Kovelov, and engaged in four draws. 


But the Youngstown, Ohio, native refuses to let the bad decisions get him down.


“It is what it is,” Boone said. “The minute I step out of the ring, it’s over, I can’t go back. I know which fights I’ve lost, when the guy was better that particular night. I know which ones I’ve won too.”


Boone is the only man to defeat WBC light heavyweight champion, Adonis Stevenson. He knocked “Superman” out in the second round.


Stevenson complained after the bout that he didn’t prepare properly for his fight with Boone.


“I was never knocked out, I got up. I was not in shape for the fight.” Stevenson told


Boone can relate to what Stevenson said. He’s rarely given enough time to get ready for a fight. That pattern has stuck his entire career. For Stevenson, he’s got two weeks.  


“My whole career has been short notice,” said Boone.


Boone also ended the unbeaten winning streaks of Chris Archer, James Countryman, James Johnson, and Willie Monroe Jr., and was first fighter to knock down undefeated, two-division champion, Andre Ward.


In 2015, Boone faced once-beaten Phillip Jackson Benson. Jackson Benson entered the squared circle that night riding a 12-fight winning streak, which included 10 consecutive knockouts. He told Boone to his face that he was an old man. Boone laughed it off.


According to reports, through five rounds, Jackson Benson was doing pretty well against Boone.


He used his height and reach advantage to punish the veteran with hard shots. Boone hung tough, catching his taller foe with short hooks.


Then came the fatal sixth round. Jackson Benson went looking for the knockout. Boone had a plan. He had been waiting to counter Jackson Benson with his big right. The opening came a minute and some change into the stanza. 


"I set it up off a jab to the body," Boone told me via a text. "After a series of punches, he threw a right hand. I threw my over-hand right."  


Boone’s over-hand right landed first. The blow dropped Jackson Benson hard on his back. He gamely tried to rise, but fell backwards, prompting referee Gary Rosato to wave off the contest.


Boone had done it again. 


Though he’s accomplished a lot in his boxing career, Boone has one regret.


“I wish I had stayed longer in the amateurs,” said Boone.


Boone’s big brother is helping him get ready for this next fight.


“He’s a great motivator,” Boone said. “He’s always checking on me. A trainer is more than just your trainer. He’s your life coach.”


Boone plans to fight three more years, and teach the game to kids.


“I can make an ant think he’s a lion,” says Boone.


Darnell Boone has faced whatever boxing has thrown at him. He’s even ready to meet two opponents in consecutive weeks.


“If somebody calls me out, I’ll come out there to see what you’re talking about,” Boone said.


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