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Canelo vs. Angulo = Bad Business for Boxing

(Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)
(Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)

By Percy Dockery

Who in his right mind would like to see an elite team such as the Seattle Seahawks take on a 2-13 team in the Super Bowl? My answer: no one. So why in the hell would we wanna see Saul Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo?
Angulo has pop in his punches; that’s about it. He has no defense; he’s easy to hit, tires quickly, has no speed and is a C-minus fighter at best. I know this might be hard to believe after reading that but no disrespect to Angulo. This writer is just stating the facts. Let’s not ask how much of a heart Angulo has along with stating the obvious that he has a puncher’s chance. Any fighter with a little power has a punchers chance. But when fighting against an elite or B-level fighter, the chances of catching one on top of his game are very similar to a Hail Mary pass at the end of a football game. We all know it can happen but the chances of success are slim to none. So why give “Canelo” a pass win we are so hard on Mayweather for fighting C-level fighters or opponents who are no longer a threat? At the risk of sounding rude, even at this late hour, I can’t believe Golden Boy Promotions is even promoting this garbage.

OK, maybe I can believe they’re promoting this fight. That’s how boxing works, so who am I fooling? Alvarez needs to be fighting a legitimate top-10 opponent regardless of Miguel Cotto turning the fight down. There are plenty of worthy opponents who can give Alvarez a challenge. I could understand the Angulo fight taking place if Mayweather had beaten Alvarez into a bloody mess or if he were stopped, then it might be understandable. But since Mayweather just simply outboxed and outpointed him while doing zero damage in the process, there’s no reason for this fight to take place…unless it’s on a PlayStation 3 or something (speaking of which, that’s the only way boxing fans can get two of the top fighters in the world to face one another. Good for the imagination, bad for the sport).
Angulo will come out aggressive and try to walk “Canelo” down. He’ll attempt to land a few power punches, hoping to get Alvarez’s respect. Once Alvarez starts to counter and punish Angulo, Angulo
will slowly but surely get tired, reckless and then KO’ed as expected. Once again, the fans will be left disrespected and disappointed and forced us to wait several more months just to hear talks regarding a real fight between elite fighters that may never happen.
I realize Mexican fans can’t wait for this fight to happen but they’re loyal and are thinking with their hearts. Again, I mean no disrespect to Angulo. If I were in his shoes, I would also take the fight and the biggest payday of my life along with likely the biggest audience and television exposure ever for him. I guess my goal here is to inform these so-called elite fighters that we the fans and media play a large role in their success and after all we do without, we deserve the best match-ups boxing has to offer.
When promoters put together B.S. fights and then have the audacity to over-charge and most times, feature them on pay-per-view, it’s a slap in the face to true boxing fans and it’s a slap and the sport. The only people who should show up for these bogus fights are the families and the corners - and I suppose the referee. Just the same, no disrespect intended to the fighters or promoters but the truth is simply what it is: the truth. Once a fighter gets under that spotlight, he should want to be known for his heart, challenging only the best and never ducking a solid opponent.
As long as we have promoters, top-shelf fighters and champions picking their own opponents – some being the bottom of the list when forced to face a top-10 opponent, the sport will continue to decline.
Don’t hate the messenger. Hate the facts.
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