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Azad Championship Report: DeMarco can’t solve “The Problem”


By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing

Adrien Broner (25-0, 21 KOs) added the WBC lightweight title to his accomplishments by stopping defending champion Antonio DeMarco (28-3, 21 KOs) in round eight at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
The fight started slowly as both fighters showed plenty of respect for each other. Broner stood in the center of the ring applying his tight (Floyd Mayweather like) body armor defense. Demarco, a southpaw, pawed with his right. He landed a glancing blow off the chin of Broner. The pace was slow. Broner landed a hard jab and right hand. Demarco landed again to the body. A left hook by Broner caused some swelling on the right side of Demarco’s face.

Azad Championship Report
Azad Championship Report

Broner came out jabbing in round two. DeMarco’s body shot was short. Broner countered with a hard left hand. He also hand connected with a right hand on the chin of DeMarco. Broner’s quicker hands were paying dividends.
DeMarco walked into another right hand in round three. DeMarco landed a hard right hand to the side of Broner. The Cincinnati fighter connected with another straight right hand. The pace was still deliberate. DeMarco’s harder punches won the round.
Broner started fast in round four. His jab had opened a cut outside the right eye of DeMarco. Broner landed a sharp uppercut and right hand on the inside. Broner landed two more hard uppercuts. DeMarco missed a left hand and ate another right hand in return. Broner couldn’t miss with his uppercut. His thudding right hand snapped Demarco’s head back. Broner tried to end things in round five. He moved closer to DeMarco. He knew he could outquick his opponent anytime he wanted. His combinations were ripping through DeMarco’s defense. A classic left right staggered DeMarco. His face was being busted up.

Broner moved in for the kill in round six. DeMarco landed a right hand that had no effect. Broner continued to chop DeMarco down like a tree. A hard shot to the body made Demarco sag. There was no quit in the defending champion.

DeMarco’s face continued to swell. Broner kept landing chopping right hands in round seven. His punch output had increased. DeMarco was still finding Broner’s defense puzzling.

Round eight was all Broner. A combination to the body stopped DeMarco in his tracks. His short tight punches were overwhelming DeMarco. A huge left hook put DeMarco down on his right side. His corner immediately waved the white towel of surrender. Broner had landed at least 30 power punches in the eighth round.

It was quite a performance by the new lightweight champion.
The official time was 1:45 minutes of round eight.

“Once I’m in there and I have a game plan I go after it,” said Broner in the ring. “I wanted to make a statement. I don‘t really care who I fight.”

The bout was part of HBO’S Boxing after Dark series.

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