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Ask Gerry Cooney- July 26, 2012

Compiled by Allan Scotto

Hey, fans! Welcome to “Ask Gerry Cooney,” where you get to ask former heavyweight contender “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney any boxing-related question you’d like. Your questions for Gerry’s review will be featured at every Thursday morning.

Each week, Gerry will answer as many of your questions as he can on the Sirius/XM radio show, “Friday Night at The Fights,” a show that Gerry co-hosts with Randy “The Commish” Gordon, the former Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission.
The show airs every Friday on Sirius channel 94 and XM channel 208 from 7 – 9 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.
Please submit your questions to
Our first question comes from Leo Jennes, who asks:
Hello Gerry, I have been a big fan of your since the Jimmy Young fight, My dad loved you, due to your style and his long history during the  Marciano days! You’re a champ in my eyes just did not get the right breaks but remember, you only lost to three Hall Of Fame boxers in your entire career. My question is what round did you think was your best in the Holmes fight, and did you think if your game plan was changed would have made it a winnable fight?
Our next question comes from Jay Kier, who asks:
Hey bro, you had great fights, and you’re a great fighter. Holmes is an all time great Heavyweight Champ and you both came out winners. That was a classic championship fight, a “Thrilla” all in its own self!
You have made your life into something inspiring for many of us Gerry. Would you share more about why and how you developed as a person after boxing? I though it would be helpful to other boxing fans, rather than ask another boxing question. You’re good people Mr. Cooney and are much appreciated by the boxing world!
Gerry answered the following questions on the air last Friday.
Our first question came from Randy M., who asked:
This past Saturday, Danny Garcia demolished Amir Khan.  It looked to me like Garcia’s left hook that caused the first knockdown actually caught him in the neck, and it seemed that Khan just couldn’t recover from that.  Why do you think that punch was so devastating?
Gerry felt that punch disturbed Khan’s equilibrium and he was just unable to recover.
Our next question came from Todd R., who asked:
Hi Gerry, it seems like David Haye is trying to parlay his victory over Chisora into another shot at one of the Klitschko brothers.  Do you have any interest in seeing that fight?
Neither Gerry nor Randy has any interest in seeing Haye fight either Klitschko brother.

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