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Another Side of Seth Mitchell: Michigan State, Obama and Family

(Photo © Tom Briglia - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions)
(Photo © Tom Briglia - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions)

By Alec Kohut

Media workout days are fascinating and remarkable events. Just hearing Seth Mitchell answer the question, “Do you think your jab will be important in the Johnathon Banks fight,” for the seventh time in 25 minutes in enthralling. And let’s not forget the idiots who ask Mitchell about fighting one of the Klitschkos anytime soon. Tomorrow, I will have a boxing story about Mitchell’s development and some thoughts from his trainer, Andre Hunter. It will also ask the question: Is Mitchell’s career really being served well by Al Haymon and HBO?
But at the media workout day, I thought I’d ask a few questions about Mitchell’s beloved Michigan State Spartans, the election (the workout day last Wednesday) and his family.

Alec Kohut: Seth, are you frustrated that the Spartans are losing close games?

Seth Mitchell: It’s frustrating, yeah. If you take away the Notre Dame game, we lost four games by a combined 10 points. But that’s one thing you have to do in order to be a champion and be a good team; you’ve got to win the close ones. When it’s time to dig, you’ve got to be able to dig and we’re having a little trouble doing that this year. But we’re Spartans, baby; we’re gonna bounce back!

AK: How much support are you getting from the Spartan community?

SM: A lot, lot of support, a lot of love on Twitter. Matter of fact, I just talked to the equipment manager and my strength-and-conditioning coach last week. We talked for a good 15-20 minutes, keeping in contact. So I have great ties down there. And every now and then, I talk to [head coach] Tom Izzo.
AK: Who was the more important endorsement for President Obama, Bruce Springsteen or Jay-Z?
SM: (After a loud, heavy sigh) Probably Jay-Z; probably Jay-Z.
AK: Did you think the race was over when Mitt Romney got Meat Loaf and President Obama got Bruce Springsteen?
SM: Of course I wanted President Obama to win but I didn’t think he was going to win. It wasn’t until before they announced he was the winner about 10:30 [p.m.], I was like, “I think we’re going to get it.” So I was a little tired this morning because I stayed up until about 1:30 in the morning watching election returns.

AK: How are the kids?

SM: They’re good; they’re good. My daughter just turned six on the second and thinks she’s 16 already. My son, he’ll turn two on the 26th.
AK: You’ve traveled a long road with your mother; she’s getting to see you grow as a man. How good are things with you and her and how proud are you that you’re able to do these things? And how proud are you of her that you two have been able to do so much together and come so far?
SM: Words can’t really describe my mom and I. We have more of brother and sister relationship. That’s my girl. We laugh; we joke. I talk to her about anything. Before I met my wife, all of my motivation and determination was for her. I want to get a better life for her and, of course, it’s still the same thing. But now we have my wife, my kids and my Mom, so it’s good. To see her smile when I’m on TV (laughing), she’s fighting in the ring when I’m fighting. If you ever catch her, she’s throwing punches too.
AK: Is she enjoying being a grandmother?
SM: Absolutely.
AK: How much is changing now that you are an HBO fighter? When you go out you get recognized, HBO cameras are following you. How is that changing your life and your family life?
SM: It’s nice; it hasn’t got to the point where I can’t go to the mall or go out to eat with my family for a nice lunch or dinner. But I definitely get a lot of people stopping me just saying “Hi” and “Congratulations; I saw you on HBO the other night.” Or they walk past as a couple and they’re whispering and looking at me like, “I just saw that guy on HBO.” It’s pretty cool; it’s nice.

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