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2014 Boxing Resolutions


By Steve Kim


It never fails; does it? The first month or so into the New Year, you see people you’ve never seen working out at the gym. They are the ones who make New Year’s resolutions to start working out and get back into shape and as soon as January 2nd rolls around, they become Jack Lalanne all of a sudden. You wouldn’t mind them so much but the problem is they cause overcrowding in the workout areas and you quickly lose patience with them as they take three minutes between preacher curls.
Eventually, these people will fade away (with their yearlong memberships that will go unused for 11 months) and it’s business as usual at places like L.A. Fitness.

But it’s a fact of life; as we turn the calendar, many of us make resolutions to better ourselves. It can be as simple as spending more time with the kids, cut out smoking or dropping 15 pounds. Whether we admit it or not, I think most of us all try and improve certain aspects of our lives or behavior moving forward. Some attempts are more futile than others. Regardless, life goes on and there’s always next year to actually come through on those resolutions.
So what would be the New Year’s resolutions for those in the boxing industry? (And since everyone just got back into the office today, let’s be frank; there isn’t much to talk about just yet.) Well, here’s what I would propose…
Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao: To not even talk about a fight with each other in any shape, fashion or form. Just nip it in the bud. Let’s be honest; this is like Groundhog Day and a yearly exercise in futility. But even now, you still have stories popping up about this match-up becoming a reality down the line and secret deals being cut. Let’s stop the insanity (as that old infomercial starring Susan Powter stated) and move on with our lives. As of this current moment, this is a mythical match-up - or perhaps as I like to say, “mental masturbation” - and it’s time to focus on bouts that will actually take place.
The Media: To stop talking about Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Yeah, we play a part in this too and we’re as guilty as anybody.
Top Rank Promotions: To put on better pay-per-view undercards. Yeah, we all get it; for the most part, main events sell pay-per-view cards. But while Golden Boy Promotions gives us appetizers like Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse once in awhile, we’re getting pay-per-view undercards recently from Bob Arum that are just a step or two above Butterbean and Mia St. John. How about putting some of those really good fights featuring the smaller guys that you stick in Macao on your pay-per-view bills?
James Kirkland: To never, ever leave Ann Wolfe again. It’s very simple; when “Mandingo Warrior” is with the Wolfe, he’s a better, meaner prizefighter. Certain boxers are meant to be with certain trainers. This is the case here. I don’t care if Wolfe gives you a black pill or Flintstones vitamins; just do whatever she says and don’t think too much.
HBO: To follow Showtime’s lead and do more tripleheaders. No, I don’t expect you guys to do quadruple headers like your rivals but, seriously, the more boxing, the merrier and it’s a great way to introduce young fighters into the mix. Get this: boxing fans don’t mind seeing more fights on premium cable networks.
“ShoBox”: To be the series you once were. Yeah, I understand, part of bringing Mayweather into the fold was to give him some dates on this platform but “ShoBox” at its best it was about competitive fights between young fighters on the rise. Let Gordon Hall have his baby back!
Shane Mosley: To retire. Shane, c’mon; it’s time and you know it.
Guillermo Rigondeaux: To understand why he isn’t popular. No, we’re not asking this Cuban stylist to change his style or temperament inside the ring. But someone needs to tell him why HBO doesn’t want him on its airwaves moving forward and why fans leave his fights as soon as they begin. He’s made a lot of money for quite frankly not having much of a fan-base or following and yet he thinks of himself as a victim.
Rigondeaux fans: To actually buy tickets to his fights. Try and actually back up your words by supporting a fighter you think needs to be on TV and such. Stop the whining and put your money where your mouth is.
50 Cent: To keep your clients active inside the ring. Yeah, it’s great he’s involved in boxing and all but the novelty of his doing walkout songs for his fighters got old after the first time (“It’s a New Day” was a decent song, admittedly) but really, the job of a promoter is to advance the careers of his boxers and get them consistent work. Quite frankly, this hasn’t been the case - but it has made Yuriorkis Gamboa’s Twitter feed entertaining in a bizarre way.
Lou DiBella: To keep Tweeting. His releasing of Tor Hamer after Hamer called it a day versus Andy Ruiz in Macao is the stuff of legends. Profane and passionate, that’s Mount St. DiBella.
Chris Arreola: To finally get in shape. Yeah, it was funny at one point but this guy’s running out of time and opportunities. As Dean Wormer told Blutarsky in “Animal House,” Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights”: No more Kermit Cintron or Jose Luis Castillo. Hey, last year, this series was very good on a consistent basis and they did it on a shoestring budget. But you could hear the groans every time a guy like Cintron or Castillo was brought on. This series should be about up-and-coming boxers, not those whose best days were years ago.
Andre Ward: No more litigation with Dan Goossen. History is made inside the ring, not courtrooms or arbitration hearings. How many times is Ward going to try and extricate himself from an organization that did everything right in developing his career through the “Super Six” and beyond?
Carl Froch: To give George Groves a rematch. The Cobra” is a man’s man and a fighter’s fighter but the stuff he’s been saying in the wake of his highly controversial stoppage win over Groves is cringe-worthy. C’mon, Carl; you know the lad deserves a return bout.
Tyson Fury: To never change. Yeah, I said it; he’s quirky and strange. And he’s exactly the kind of guy who makes boxing so much fun to cover.
Gennady Golovkin: To stay active, regardless. My gut feel is that “GGG” still won’t get that marquee fight he yearns for. So just like this past year, he’ll most likely have to work off volume. Hey, seeing the most exciting fighters in the world more than twice a year is always a good thing.
All trainers: To stop thinking that going the distance in lopsided fights is a moral victory. In this instance, I’m being as serious as I can be. 2013 was a rough year in terms of ring fatalities and situations like Magomed Abdusalamov’s. Just remember that a trainer’s first responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the guys on their stools.
“Friday Night Fights” makes its 2014 debut tonight at 9 p.m., ET and features Argenis Mendez-Rances Barthelemy...The “Baby Bull” Juan Diaz could make his return to the ring March 1st on the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Bryan Vera rematch in San Antonio...I get the sense that, while a good coach, David Shaw will always cost Stanford a game or two by being too conservative...How ‘bout the job George O’Leary has done at UCF?...So did the Bears do the right thing in giving Jay Cutler that big extension?...I made one resolution for 2014 - I’m going to give yoga a shot. But no, I will not be wearing yoga pants [Editor’s Note: Rats.]…Ican be reached at and I tweet at We also have a Facebook fan page at, where you can discuss our content with Maxboxing readers as well as chime in via our fully interactive article comments sections.

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