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Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye: The Predictions

By the Maxboxing team, compiled by Coyote Duran

German Villasenor: Klitschko is more focused and pissed off than ever and Haye is in over his head. The fight will resemble “Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Greg Haugen” as to how Klitschko methodically punishes Haye (although Haye does have his moments early in the fight), takes him apart and stops him when he feels like it in the second half of the fight.
Allan Scotto: I think that Wladimir will prove to be too much for David Haye. Everything is easy with the mouth but not so easy when it comes time to deliver. Klitschko by late-round KO.
Alec Kohut: I never fall for pre-fight hype, so I do not believe we are going to witness an angry Wladimir Klitschko trying to punish David Haye. I see the same, technical, methodical Wladimir pounding out a one-sided, if somewhat boring unanimous decision, 117-111.
Robert Waterman: My hope would be for David to come out and take the fight to Klitschko, in which case I could see an outside chance of an early stoppage for Haye. However, I expect Klitschko to methodically destroy Haye in a middle-round stoppage. I think regular Klitschko jabs will be enough to force the stoppage. I would not be shocked if there was even a disqualification against Haye.
Matthew Paras: There’s a reason why Wladimir Klitschko deserves to be ranked on the higher end of the pound-for-pound list by most experts. Besides practically clearing out the division, Wladimir is at the top of his game right now. Look for Wladimir’s jab to dictate the pace of the fight after the first two cautious rounds of action. Haye will not get past that jab and will end up taking a beating until he falls in the seventh round from a picture perfect left hook.

Armando Alvarez: Wladimir Klitschko KO 5 David Haye  - Klitschko has developed a game plan that has worked perfectly since his first bout with Samuel Peter. Haye could hit but Wlad’s too big, too powerful, too experienced. His fights usually go to the later rounds but I think a focused Klitschko proves he’s the best heavyweight in the world with a devastating fifth round KO.
Gabriel Montoya: Wlad in eight. It’s going to look like Lennox Lewis-Hasim Rahman II. A left hook off the jab followed by a monstrous right and then, goodnight. Klitschko is too big, just as fast with straighter punches and much more battle-tested. Haye? You will forever be known as knockout #50 after this.
Coyote Duran: Now I know it’s been almost seven years since David Haye succumbed to the mighty jab of cruiserweight Carl Thompson so it stands to reason that the British heavyweight has learned a thing or two about defense. However, history- and a pretty bad memory- will repeats itself as the modern-day master of the heavyweight jab, legitimate World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko gets his chance to work a jab that acts as a jackhammer all over “The Hayemaker’s” head. Combine that jab with sheer, boiling enmity and you’ll soon have a Haye who remembers his very first loss, thanks to a second stoppage loss suffered in the seventh round when “Dr. Steelhammer” collapses Haye like a sad soufflé. The jab will work all night, swelling up Haye’s right eye, blinding him to searing, scythe-like left hooks. After trainer Adam Booth threatens to pulls the plug on his fighter at the end of the fifth and sixth heats, Klitschko does the job for him, dropping Haye with one last (of many) straight right hand, prompting referee Genaro Rodriguez to call an overdue halt to the slaughter.
Klitschko: 8/100%
Haye: 0/0%


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