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The Barbershop- Aug. 16, 2011

Happy Tuesday, fans!
Welcome to this week’s edition of “The Barbershop,” a column designed to give you a forum to speak your mind about our question(s) of the week or any boxing-related issue that you would like to comment on. We welcome and appreciate your participation, so take a minute, scroll down and leave your comment below.

Now, on to today’s question.
If you use the Zab Judah yardstick for tolerating low blows, we’d probably be attending memorial services for Joseph Agbeko right about now. 
Referee Russell Mora did a horrendous job officiating Saturday’s Showtime Bantamweight Tournament final between Abner Mares and Agbeko and no doubt influenced the outcome.
In baseball, if a batter attempts to check his swing and the home plate umpire is unsure as to whether or not he did, he’ll go to the first or third base umpire for a ruling.
Do you think it would benefit boxing to have an additional referee (other than an arbiter available to start a count in the event of a knockdown) sitting at ringside for the third man in the ring to turn to if he’s unsure of something like a low blow or a knockdown?    
You pay the bills, fans, so what do you think?
Don’t forget to join the fun on Friday nights as I join Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney on their “Friday Night at the Fights” satellite radio show on Sirius channel 94 and XM channel 208.  PLEASE NOTE CHANNEL CHANGE
We’ll be discussing the “Barbershop” question of the week and whatever else is on your mind in the sport of boxing.
The show runs from 7 PM to 9 PM EST and you can call in and let us know what you think by dialing 1-866-522-2846.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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