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Solis Takes Oliva’s Undefeated Record, Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Belt

By German Villasenor

Two-time IBF junior flyweight champion Ulises “Archi” Solis, 34-2-3 (21), defeated the previously undefeated Filipino Jether “The General” Oliva, 17-1-1 (11,) over 12 complicated rounds on Friday night at the Auditorio Benito Juarez in Guadalajara, Mexico on Saturday night.

Solis, defending his belt in his hometown, would be in for a long night as Oliva came throwing long-range bombs from the start.
The fight was full of infractions as a low blow landed early by Solis, followed by a rabbit punch by Oliva in the first. Oliva aimed high, with Solis landing body and head shots and straying low but the Filipino landed another rabbit punch. It was obvious that it would be a long night for referee Kenny Chevalier in a hard fight to work.
Solis worked the angles and waist, slipping well-placed body and head shots, as Oliva would be left punching at nothingness in the second frame.
The champion added uppercuts and stiff jabs to his repertoire in the following round as Oliva began to try and box instead of coming forward in disorganized form, which was the case from the onset of the fight.
Solis kept working the body, seemingly having solved the early riddle presented to him by his foe.
Aiming with rights to the head- and missing- Oliva allowed Solis to dip and land body punches and uppercuts once more in the fourth round. The Mexican closed the round strong, driving a left and straight right home at the bell.
Both fighters were once more warned for low blows and rabbit shots again in the following round.
Chevalier was starting to look too much like one Russell Mora by not taking points off the many called infractions in the fight thus far.
Oliva stunned the champion with straight shots to the face early in the sixth round. A right by Solis had the Filipino in trouble during an exchange. Oliva really needed to hold on but Solis kept working the body, leaving the challenger looking discouraged as he made his way back to the corner at the end of the round.
 More shots and uppercuts landed early by Solis in the seventh as Oliva went to the body but again missed with wild follow-ups to the head. A clash of heads moments later opened up a cut alongside Solis’ eye.
The eighth was a continuation of Solis’ ongoing control of the tempo with jabs as the game Filipino tried hard but was unable to land anything telling in the round.
Rabbit shots by both men and Chevalier failing to take any points off brought boos from the fans in attendance in the ninth stanza, with Solis landing the better shots in the round once more.
Solis had his foe in deep trouble again in the tenth, nearly dropping him on several occasions with body shots and uppercuts, with Oliva barely getting out of the round.
The fighters went down in the 11th after getting tangled up against the ropes. Solis closed the round strong once more going to the body. Further rabbit shots by Oliva in the final round and a break without points deductions had everyone pissed-off.
Solis kept his cool and kept working the combinations on the angle, weary from what damage was done by the Filipino, who lost any kind of plan of his own.
Scores were 118-110, 119-109 and 120-108 all for Solis, who has made ten defenses of his title over two reigns, the first beginning in 2007.


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