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Promethean Logic- Oct. 5, 2011

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by Managing Editor Coyote Duran do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of So he says if you don’t like it, get bent.
Stuck in the Middle with No One, Really…
Why- oh- why must a legacy be so complicated to create? There was a time when a legitimate world championship got a fighter some attention. These days, the best thing World Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez can do is take what he gets and runs with it. Saturday night, “Maravilla” defended his lineal, legitimate championship against England’s Darren Barker in what wound up as a tougher-than-average outing that gave pause to our own Gabriel Montoya. In his recent wrap-up piece, The Last Round (, Monty makes mention of Martinez possibly being closer to his career sunset than Martinez or his fans might think. Monty lays out his picks as potential challengers to Martinez’s crown, titlist Dmitry Pirog, Matthew Macklin and Gennady Golovkin with a heavier nod to Floyd Mayweather and Pirog. I couldn’t agree more. Do I see Martinez-Mayweather happening? Not on your life- or anyone else’s for that matter. If HBO takes a moment to uninstall its figurative cranium from its even-more-figurative anus, perhaps Martinez-Pirog can really come off. You couldn’t get two more same-yet-oh-so-different fighters of substance in a ring together, meaning the experience levels are separated by a significant gulf but their relative validity sadly takes a backseat to the Andre Bertos and Mayweathers in Our Sport. *sigh*

Only in Naughty America…
Wanna get some attention for an oft-overlooked yet good-looking, well-mannered gentleman of a World Middleweight Champion? Tell the world adult film star Lisa Ann (of “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” fame and a fan of “Maravilla”) wants to hang out with him the week of his fight. Between YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, them Worldwide Internets became one big “Well, I never!” OK, you never what, exactly? Never watched porn? Never f**ked? Never had a pulse? If you haven’t guessed already, sure, I’ve enjoyed some porn in my day. Big deal. And although, to this day, I often wonder why reasonably good looking women with great bodies settle for having sex on camera for pay, let’s not forget these folks are also human. And Lisa Ann isn’t just a fight fan; she’s a Martinez fan which, to me, means she actually watches boxing. How novel is that?! In addition, Lisa doesn’t have an imaginary friend like Doghouse Boxing’s Sunset Thomas.
Twitter: Schizo and Proud…
I always thought it was interesting how pro wrestling legend Jerry Lawler would play “babyface” in Mid-South Wrestling only to turn around to portray “heel” in the WWE without missing a beat. No mask, no name change, nothing. It was Jerry Lawler here and Jerry Lawler there. That’s how I feel about bouncing from Facebook ( and to Twitter ( and back. On Facebook, I think I’m one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. On Twitter, I’m a snarky comeback artist who quotes Hollywood producer Robert Evans and smarts off to Oscar De La Hoya. Take today for example…
@OscarDeLaHoya: “Why isn’t there a ‘housewives of E.L.A
@CoyoteDuran: “Same reason there’s not a ‘CSI: Hoboken.’”
Gosh, that’s fun. I guess I initially thought there shouldn’t be a “Real Housewives of East L.A.” and “CSI: Hoboken” because what the hell would the point be? How many spin-offs can one show possibly crap out? Then hindsight just flat-out told me both shows would out-and-out suck and that’s what I should’ve tweeted. “Real Housewives of Phenix City, Alabama”? Now that’s TV.
Speaking of Twitter, look into following this mad genius, Boxing Haiku (@BoxingHaiku). Seriously, he (or she. Haiku’s a total enigma) tweets in five-seven-five phrasing about boxing. I guarantee you’ll find yourself counting off syllables on your fingers. And they’re all awesome.
What, Now I Need Orbit?!…
In response to my last Promethean Logic, (I believe) someone who took offense to my berating of Mayweather Fan Club President Leonard Ellerbe sent me this thought-provoking email…
Filthy Mouth Mister!
Now what the f**k is that supposed to mean?!
Questions? Comments? Complaints? Contact Coyote at or visit him at visit www.coyoteduran.comor to check out Coyote’s original art. Oh, yeah, he’s finally stepped into 2006 and got one of those Twitter thingies. You can follow him (and if you ask him really nicely, he might just tell you in long, tedious detail about how Uncle Kracker is actually portraying heroin in the song “Follow Me”) at


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